Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Returning From Baby Land

I haven't posted in forever.
And I have a very good reason.
I was growing a tiny human.
On November 1st, Pipsqueak made his grand enterance naturally (not by my choice. He was faster to get here than my epidural was).
He's healthy and amazing.
And he made me gain weight even though I watched what I ate carefully.
So I am back on the weight loss journey.
I will be joining Weight Watchers again, I'm sure. As of right now, I'm not ready to make that commitment. For the first little bit, I will be focusing on eating healthy food and excerising once I get the okay from my doctor.
Right now I need to give my family as much of me as possible. My newborn needs me to take care of him. My two older boys need me to take care of them. Hubby...needs to take care of me since I'm working off of 3-5 hours of sleep without getting the luxery of napping during the day. We're all adjusting right now.
And with that I leave you with a picture of my three boys.
So very much in love with these little farts.