Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dropping the Ball

One of our ginerbread men. I had a few men who lost their heads, legs and/or arms.
I was joking about a holiday masacre.

Feeling like I’ve dropped the ball on this whole weight loss thing.

Am I tracking? Yes.

Am I making the best choices? I don’t think I’ve been overly bad. But I haven’t been too good either.

Am I exercising? Not at all! There’s that dropped ball, right there.

I’m still trying to get out for a walk with the kids everyday. It’s not enough. I know it’s not enough.

Life can be crazy busy. Everyone’s lives are like that, I think. My life is no different from everyone else’s. I have family; I have responsibilities; just like everyone else.

For me, exercise needs to be scheduled in. If it’s not, I get lost in the chaos I call my life and forget about it.

I haven’t forgotten about it over the past two weeks, but I haven’t made time for it either.

I normally get in my exercise (aside from my daily walks) at naptime. It works easier for me then. The kids are all napping and I can get my sweat on without tripping over a child or two. The past two weeks, instead of exercising, I’ve been making presents, baking, decorating said baking and wrapping presents.

I feel like I haven’t sat still in the last two weeks.

I’m not complaining. I love this time of year. I love going over the top and savouring every glorious moment of it.

I thought baking all the treats I had planned would make me want to cheat on my points. I’ve done better than I thought I would. Just one cookie out of each type have I taste tested. One sugar cookie. Half a gingerbread man -- the other half went to my youngest. And one gingersnap. I also baked red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. I skipped the icing and split a cupcake with Hubby. It was my first time ever trying red velvet. It was okay, I suppose.

What’s hurting me is the gift baskets Hubby brought home. His boss gave him a huge basket of nuts. I love nuts! And have a hard time stopping at just one serving. Have you counted the points on nuts? They’re crazy high. I can easily eat my whole day’s worth of daily points in salted, dry roasted peanuts.

The owner of Hubby’s work also gave everyone a huge basket of treats. Polish sausages (two of them) , cheeses, (more) nuts, chocolates, crackers, cookies, pepperettes and more. He used to give everyone a turkey. Hubby and I loved getting our yearly turkey. Hubby always brought home two because a co-worker would always give us his. I would much rather a nice lean dinner meat than the high calorie snacks we got. Better would be a cash bonus. At least his bosses thought of their employees. It’s the thought that matters most.

I have nearly everything ready for Christmas now, but the chaos is far from over. It really is too easy to just push off exercise. I think I’m going to have to make more of an effort.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Scrappy Post

Did you know I'm a bit of a crafty person?
I'm not the craftest person around, but I do enjoy playing with paper and glue.
I used to have another blog about my scrapbooking; when I was on a few design teams. Nothing fancy, but I enjoyed myself. I've been published in Canadian Scrapbooker a few times too.
Since becoming a mommy of two and starting up my own in home daycare, I don't have as much time to scrap. The kids take up most of my time.
I do have a few layouts to share; just because.

Pumpkin Fun
Yes, I know Christmas is right around the corner, but I had this cute paper and I wanted to scrap these pictures.

 Enjoy the Moment
Inspiration for this page was from the awesome Paige Evans.Okay, it was a bit of a scraplift. She did a layout of her little one and sewed leaves all around it. I love her orginial page! I wish I would have taken the time to do some stitching too. Something I can add later on if I really want to.

Santa Baby
I busted out my Slice for this one. Love how it turned out. I used a sketch from the Saturdays sketches at WeScrap, where I used to be on the design team. They're a bunch of awesome scrappers there. Your first team is always the most special, isn't it?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday Evening

Dinner was a flop tonight.

Muffin, who decided he was too much of a big boy at (almost) 15 months to take a nap this afternoon, completely refused any dinner. He did enjoy the yogurt he ended up with though.

I decided to make a quick stir fry for dinner. The boys eat it all apart. Rice, meat and veggies can’t touch. And Monkey gets cucumbers or red peppers instead of any other vegetable because he won’t eat any other.

Getting Monkey to eat meat can be difficult most days too. Today, like a little champ, he ate up his whole plate of food. I thought for sure he would fight me over the meat (which was meatless beef tips I found on sale super cheap a few weeks ago). He didn’t. He ate it all up without a sound.

Then he dumped his whole cup of juice all over the table, his self, the chair and the floor.

Ah! Life with kids is never dull, now is it?

Now, just because we can, we’re all in our pjs early, watching Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Muffin is in quite the mood from his lack of a nap. With any luck, I’ll have him in bed a little early tonight. And he’ll stay there. Fingers crossed.


I can do this…

I can do this…

I can do this…

What the heck am I talking about?
Weight loss?

I know I can do that.

I’m talking about being like a single parent of two for two days a week.

Now I sound (feel) like a big baby.

There are tons of single parents who do it every day.

There are tons of people, who are in situations like mine, where they are like a single parent because one is working or something.

For the next 16 weeks, Hubby will be taking part in a course at work. Tuesdays and Thursday he won’t be home until 10-11pm. Both days happen to be non-school days for Monkey.

It’s not the being home alone with the boys all day (plus the day care kids I have) that I’m nervous about. The kids I can handle. It’s the meals.

I have it in my head that I have to cook kid friendly meals those nights. Kid friendly meals, in my head, equal what I feed them for lunches. Sandwiches, pasta, chicken nuggets, soup and quesadillas, to name a few.

For whatever reason, in my head, I can’t feed them what we’re used to having for dinner. I think it’s because Hubby won’t be here. I just automatically thing as simple as can be.

I have to get myself out of that mind set. We can’t eat that way for 16 weeks. The kids are going to get tired of having lunch two meals a day; and I’m going to get sick of soup or salads. That’s what I have for most lunches because I don’t want to waste the points on something like chicken nuggets and fries. I try to keep my points at lunch time as low as I can. 4 point soup with fruit afterwards, for example. Low on points, but still filling.

I’m going to have to sit down to figure out some kid friendly meals (things they will not fight me over eating) that is still healthy. Wouldn’t be so hard if my kids weren’t so darn picky. I’m sure whatever I come up with, there will be nights that Monkey is sitting at the table until bedtime.


On another note, last night at my meeting, we learnt about the changes being made to the Points system. There isn’t many changes. Most daily points went down. I was one of a small amount of people who’s points stayed the same.

And I am down another 2lbs this week! Yay!

My new pants are already starting to get baggy. Hopefully I’ll be buying another smaller size after Christmas. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello Monday

The weekend is over. Hello, Monday. I’m almost glad to see the beginning of a new week. Not that last week was a bad one; my weekend was just a little busy. I’m almost glad to be back to my boring weekday. Today is a light day for me.
This weekend, it felt like we were always on the go. My parents picked up the boys Saturday morning so Hubby and I could go Christmas shopping for the kids. Monkey is just about done. His big things are taken care of. He still needs some little things that I can take out of packaging and wrap up; at his age it’s all about quantity. The more the better. I was going to get him some Pokemon stuff. He’s interested in them because of his older brother, my step son, Rugrat Boy. I think Monkey is too young for the cards, but I have no idea what to get him started with as far as the toys go. Rugrat Girl (step daughter) and Rugrat Boy are into Monshimonster too. I thought about getting some of that stuff for Monkey, but the toys are small (choking hazard for Muffin) and we have so many stuffies hanging around I don’t want to get those. I am at a loss. I’ll come across something I’m sure.
Muffin is almost done as far as Christmas goes too. There’s an Elmo plate and bowl I want to get him and that’s it.
The Rugrats need a few more things. We want to get them Skylanders. It looks so cool. I want one for at my house! I’m thinking sometime after Christmas we’ll get one for our place. Hubby needs to talk to his ex about the game. We’re not sure what gaming system they have at their house. I think they have all the systems because they tend to have all the latest toys, but we just want to make sure we get the game for the system their mother thinks is best. Rugrat Girl needs a gift card to Old Navy so she can pick out her own clothes. And we want to get a bunch of Chapters gift cards in $5 values so we can wrap them individually. The kids get a kick out of it; I wrap them in different size boxes so they never know when one is going to pop up. Some end up in the tree and they have to find them.
So, lots of walking around shopping on Saturday. Hubby took me to this little Lebanese place he goes to once a month with some co-workers. Since I had never had Lebanese food before, I let him order for me. Oh, my word! It was amazing! I only ate about half the plate, but I was stuffed. I savoured every bite. I am totally taking my mom there to share a plate with her. I know she’ll love it, and I want to go back.
Sunday was house decorating day. Our tree is up and trimmed; the advent calendar is up; the Christmas art work Monkey has done over the years are on display; my custom snow globe with Monkey’s picture in it is out. I’ll be making another snow globe with Muffin’s picture in it too.
We also pruned through the sea of toys, cleaned the house and washed all the laundry. All that’s left to do is a Sally Ann run so some of our old toys might find new homes for Christmas. My basement is almost usable again. That feels good.
Today, Monkey is in school; I have no daycare kids; Muffin and I are spending the day cuddling, reading, colouring, playing and napping. With only two hours of sleep under my belt, I can use that nap today. I don’t even want to go to my meeting tonight, I’m so tired. But I will. I’m curious about the changes to the program. I read about them on the US site, but I haven’t seen any changes to the Canadian site, as of yet. I’m curious to know where I’m going to be for daily points.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Pre-Planned December

Muffin last December, barely three months old.

Hello December! It’s been so long since we saw each other.

A lot has happened over the course of the year. My tiny, peanut of a baby has blossomed into a go-go-go toddler (I’m still coming to grips over that term). My big boy has learnt how to read. He’s reading at a level 2 and can spell over 60 words without help. Hubby has lost over 40 pounds and is currently on week 3 of the insanity program. I’ve lost over 40 pounds myself; 10 on my own and over 30 with Weight Watchers (I’m sure it would have been more if I had not thrown the program aside for over 4 months, but I can’t change what I did and can only move forward. I have no regrets). We have a new house; we took all the kids to Disney World; my mom got through her second treatment for the brain tumour; Muffin got through his surgery.

We’re all happy, healthy and welcoming you, dear December, into our home and hearts.

This is the time of year most people cringe over. I am embracing it! I love everything about this time of year and I’m not going to let food mess it up for me. Yes, there will be cookies, cakes, chocolates, high calorie drinks, treats, dips and full fat foods around every single corner. That doesn’t mean I have to eat any of it. And if I do, I make sure I made the time to work out.

My plan is to pre-plan everything. Even if I can’t pre-plan to the T, I will do my best.

I know tomorrow I will be in the city. I will be there for dinner . I have my fingers crossed for Swiss Chalet so I can bring the chocolates home to Monkey; but I wouldn’t say no to East Side Mario’s since that’s where Hubby and I had our first official non-coffee date so long ago. I can pre-plan for both of those. I know Hubby and I will be heading to the movies tomorrow night. He won free tickets months ago. They expire at the end of the month; we need to use them up. I can pre-plan for this too. I always bring my own bag of gummies to the movies. I don’t like movie theatre popcorn. Never have. I might have to pre-plan for lunch in the city too. Hmmm…a small chili and a baked potato from Wendy’s sounds good to me and I already know the point values for those.

Next week, I have to pre-plan for Hubby’s office dinner. I have no idea where we’re going or what we’re going to have there. I’ll pre-plan for the worst and make sure I have all my weekly points on hand, just in case.

The following week will need lots of pre-planning. Our first of three (maybe four) Christmases. We’re heading to Stoney Creek for Hubby’s family Christmas. There will be the best deviled eggs, Cesar salad and broccoli bake. There will be cheesy dips, lots of wine, decent desserts and more. Hubby’s step mother is the hostess with the mostess for sure. Will I worry and stress over it? Nope. Moderation and planning and making sure I have all my weekly points available will get me through. Plus there will be family members we haven’t seen since last year, so there will be lots of ignoring the food and chatting going on.

Next will be my family Christmas. Once again…moderation and planning. I’m starting to feel like a broken record here.

The new program launches on Monday here in Canada. It launched in the States today. I read all about it (don’t you just love the internet?) and I can’t wait to put the program to work for me.

Here’s to a stress-free December and, hopefully, a continuous weight loss throughout the holiday season!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy December First!

Headed back out in our Winter Wonderland for a walk again this morning. It wasn’t as cold, wasn’t as snowy and the wind was nothing compared to yesterday. Yesterday was more beautiful. But I had Monkey in tow today, so I was happy with the cleared sidewalks and paths today. He would have complained yesterday. Something to look forward to in the weeks to come, I’m sure.

We’re getting into full Christmas swing here at home. We went out last night and picked up lights for our tree. We also wanted to get some garland and lights for outside. We figured out it wasn’t a good idea just to go without an idea of what we wanted to do. Instead of just spending money, we came home to figure out how we want to decorate. We’re so behind on outside decorations compared to most people. But I figure the longer we have less outside (I have two 4 foot pre-lit trees in planters on either side of our door and a wreath I made a few years ago out there so far), the less hydro we use. I’m the hydro queen in our house.

I got in some activity yesterday pulling all our Christmas stuff out. Why is the Christmas stuff always the boxes in the farthest, darkest corner of the storage closet? I had to pull everything out just to get to the Christmas boxes, and then put everything back. Some of those boxes I had to lug around are really heavy!

I did my cardio workout right after that too. I figured if I got my heart rate up for a little bit, I might as well keep going.

After the boys were in bed for the night, I got to work setting out some decorations. We have a new center piece on the kitchen table. It would have looked better on a new table, but we opted to get a new tv instead and get the new table in the new year.

I hung decorations off of my kitchen light. It needs some garland too, I think. I can’t wait to do our tree this weekend.

Christmas has come to my house and I absolutely love it.

I’m keeping with my plan to focus on my family this holiday season. I’m not going to let stress get to me. I’m not going to worry about food that might come my way. It’s all about enjoying the holiday with the ones I love. After the holidays I might share my December Daily. Depends on if I finish it this year or not.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter Walk

We woke up to a Winter Wonderland today. It’s just the beginning of Winter, so I’m loving it right now. It won’t be the same story come mid January. I’ll be over the snow by then. I’ll be prematurely dreaming of warmer Spring days.

Today is a school day for Monkey. It’s also PJ Day at school. Monkey is wearing his new favourite pjs today. Warm fleece ones. He’s going to be comfy all day long.

I bundled everyone up and we headed out to the bus stop. Monkey was super excited about PJ Day, the snow and getting to wear his snow pants. He complained as soon as we were outside; demanding to know why we can’t be like the other families at the bus stop. All the other kids get drove to the bus stop. I have never driven Monkey. We walk. It’s ten minutes away on foot. Some of the kids who get driven by their parents live even closer than us! Crazy.

Since we were out anyways, Muffin and I keep walking after Monkey was safely on the bus. We ploughed through the snow on the sidewalks with the snow whipping at us. Monkey was protected by a stroller cover. He was so nice and toasty warm, he fell asleep on our walk. I think I over bundled myself. Pushing the stroller through the snow was hard work. I forget every year just how hard it is to push the stroller in the snow. I think I want to get a sled more than ever now. Pushing the stroller, plus all the layers of clothes I had on, I sweated up a storm.

I wish I had taken my camera along for the walk. I went over the creek and the scene was beautiful! The rushing water (higher than it’s been all year) with all the snow covered trees bending over it. It was breathtaking. I enjoyed walking around and looking at the beauty of snow. I might as well enjoy it now before I’m sick of it.

View from my living room window. So pretty!

Muffin and I went 3.2 miles. I finished up our walk by shovelling off pathway, step and porch. There really isn’t enough snow on the driveway to shovel it just yet. We have a dirt driveway. I tried to shovel it, but the rocks and stones just come up. I stomped on the snow to pack it down.

Now to wait until naptime and I can empty out our storage closet to find our Christmas stuff. I want to get our Count Down to Christmas out and on display. Our advent calendar is getting hung up tonight so we can start our daily activities. This weekend, hopefully, we’ll get our tree up. We need to buy new lights for the tree. I guess we could put the tree up and just hold off on decorating it until we have new lights.

Anyways, I think it’s time for me to make a lovely hot apple and cinnamon tea before lunchtime.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Down and Proud

I’m down two pounds! Yay! And here I thought I had a fairly bad week. I ate out three times (two trips to the city and a night when I had nothing thawed out from the freezer). I had more lattes in the past week than I have in a couple of months. Darn McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s coming out with vanilla lattes; one of my weaknesses. Since the nearest Starbucks (still my favourite place) is in the city, 45 minutes way, I don’t get my latte fix very often. Mom and I both got McDonald cafĂ© coupon books in the mail; we’ve been putting them to good work. I’m sure we won’t go as much as soon as those two for one coupons are done.

We had the Santa Claus parades going on in our surrounding towns this past weekend. I ate a fast salad at my mom’s house on Friday so we could make it to her town’s parade in time. Saturday, I served sandwiches and raw veggies before Monkey and Hubby left to help decorate Monkey’s school float. My parents, Muffin and I watched our town’s parade; including me running through the parade to get a picture of Monkey and Hubby on the school float. They were, of course, on the opposite side we were on. So I ran across the street, through the parade, to get my picture, and ran back through the parade to where I left Muffin and my parents. Running through the parade (and embarrassing Hubby a little, I think) almost felt like a small victory. I would have never ran nearly 40 pounds ago. I would have just complained about being on the wrong side of the road. It almost feels like it should be mundane, but it felt good.

(kinda dark and hard to see, but that's Hubby walking next to the float. The kid at the end with the reindeer antlers is Monkey. By this point, he was looking so sad. He's was over the joy of the parade.)

I also learnt how proud my parents are of my weight loss journey. Hubby and Monkey ended up walking home from where the parade ended. My parents gave Hubby a lift to the van. On the way, Hubby said my parents were talking about how they can see my weight loss, they see how my face is thinning out and my waist is back. Mom was so happy to have bought me a pair of smaller pants. They want to treat me to some new clothes. According to Hubby, Mom wants to buy me pants in the next size down so I’m motivated to get into them.

I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, but I am so touched that they’re proud of me. I’m no different from most people…I long for the approval and praise of my parents; even as I enter my 30’s. So hearing this information from Hubby has totally lifted my spirits.

I know I’m on this journey for me. I am number one in this. I want to do this to be healthy; so I can live a long life. Number two on my list are my boys. I want to be able to keep up with them; to teach them how to live an active, healthy life; to be here for them and their children someday. Number three on my list is shallow, but I’ve shared this much, why stop? Number three is Hubby. He’s lost so much weight and is looking amazing; the muscle building is starting, the six pack is starting to form. I know he’s going this so that he’s healthy, but I like to think he’s doing it so I think he’s hot (which I always have; always will). I want to be hot for him too. Shallow thinking, huh? I also wouldn’t mind feeling comfortable in a bathing suit. We’re planning on going back to Disney World in 2013 or 2014, I wouldn’t mind being able to wear a bathing suit at the pool without the body issues.

And I’ve gotten off topic…Yes, I’m on this journey for me; but it still feels good to know my parents are proud of me.

At my meeting last night, we talked a little about the change coming to the Weight Watcher’s program. It doesn’t sound like a huge change, which is good. Now next Monday (when the changes take place) seems so far away. It feels like Christmas. Weight Watchers has placed a brightly wrapped present under the tree and I can open it until Monday. I can’t shake the present, I can’t rip a little to peek, I can’t try to peel away the tape to unwrap and wrap back up; all things I used to do when I was a kid. I hate surprises! I have to know everything right away. This week is going to be so long now.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gearing Up

Are you on Facebook? I don't know many people who aren't; aside from my dad and father-in-law, who have pages done up by their wives so the wives could get farther in their Facebook games. Anyway, if you are on Facebook, I'm sure you've seen this floating around:

I got a good giggle out of it when I saw it for the first time.
It also got me thinking about the end of the year and the beginning of the next. It's all coming up soon. In fact, I have my new advent calander almost finished. It's going to make #3 in my house. I love them! The boys have those cheapie chocolate ones (because all kids love those); we have the Countdown to Christmas tree I made three years ago (this one here); and now my new one someone got me last year (this one here). I think it might have been my mom who gave it to me. I didn't bother making it last year since Christmas was over by the time I recieved it. So I sat down yesterday to make it. I also came up with a list of activities for us to do everyday.

1. Sing Christmas Songs
2. Make a pipe cleaner chain for the tree
3. Make Candy Cane Reindeer (I have been doing these every year since I was about six. Love them!)
4. Put decorations in the living room window (handmade snowflakes and stuff)
5. Write letters to Santa (I have two sets of special stationary just for these letters. One for the boys and one for Mommy to scrapbook. Found them for $1.50 each, including a pencil and an envelope)
6. Make Christmas cards
7. Read Christmas books
8. Make and Play Pin the Nose on the Snowman
9. Try a new holiday drink; Peppermint Shake
10. Watch a Christmas movie
11. Bake Christmas cookies
12. Drink hot chocolate with marshmellows
13. Make hand reindeer crafts
14. Dinner in front of the Christmas tree, picnic style
15. Make Christmas gifts for special people
16. Go for a night walk to look at Christmas lights and decorations
17. Make a pinecone bird feeder
18. Donate toys to needy kids
19. Make Christmas Rice Crispy squares
20. Wish a stranger a happy holidays
21. Drink some eggnog
22. Wrap teacher's Christmas gift
23. Make a snowflake craft
24. Play Christmas music all day
25. Enjoy family!

I can't wait to start doing all our fun activities. Hubby knows what the activities are, but they're a complete surprise for the boys.
I love this time of year!
I'm not nervous about the food linked with this holiday either. My game plan is to focus on family, building traditions and document every step of the way. Yes, I have some baking planned. I think it's important to spend that time with the boys. I just don't have to eat all that baking. Whatever isn't eating within a couple of days of baking will be given away to the neighbours. I've been giving baked goods to our neighbours since we first moved in. And if Hubby gets the meat, cheese and nuts gift basket he got from work last year again this year, we'll be giving that away too. It's all the processed meats, cheeses (which are amazing, but too much for us) and different kinds of nuts (chocolate covered, candy covered, salt covered).
I'm looking forward to seeing Christmas through the eyes of my boys. I'm looking forward to seeing Monkey and (dragged along) Hubby in the Santa Claus parade on Saturday. I'm looking forward to decorating the tree, the house and sticking Muffin in an elf costume just because I can. Last year, he was dressed like Santa, but I bought it too big and the pants kept falling off him. I bought, in October, 3-6 months, since he was 3 and a half months old by Christmas. I didn't know my teenie, tiny baby would stay teenie, tiny for a long time. He was still floating in 0-3 month clothing by then. Monkey grew super fast; and he still is! Muffin, I think is pretty normal, but he feels so much tinier than his brother. By 14 months, Monkey was 30 pounds and as tall as most 3 year olds. Muffin is 14 months right now and weighs a mere 21 pounds. Huge difference in my boys, other than their faces. They look so much alike, other than one has brown hair and the other is a blond.
I'm totally rambling now.
I'm sorry.
Like I was saying, I am looking forward to every bit of Christmas. The food is in the background. It's not a concern at all. I am worried about getting in enough exercise though. I'm just going to have to make sure I make the time. Schedule it in, if I have to. I have to work hard at making my new, perfect on me right now, jeans a little too big come Christmas time. It's a little mini goal I've set for myself.
Now that my Christmas stuff is almost ready to go, I want to start thinking of the new year. I don't believe in resolutions, but I do believe in making goals. I'm going to have to sit down and determine what I want to achieve in 2012.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shopping Sprint

Yesterday started out innocent enough. Monkey had a doctor appointment in the city. I knew I wanted to got to Bonnie Togs. I had recieved an email about their Carter's sale. I love Carter's for Muffin. Most of his 0-9 month clothes were Carter's if they weren't hand me downs from Monkey.
My mother volunteered to come with the boys and I.
We did the doctor appointment first, followed by Bonnie Togs. $200 plus dollars later (mostly for Monkey even though we went for Muffin), we ended up at the new Michael's. $70 later (mostly on sale items and $1.50 stocking stuffers) we were on our way to the mall.
We were only going to the mall so the boys could visit Santa. He wasn't there. He's only doing weekends for this month. Shoot.
So my mom and I wandered into Old Navy. I grabbed a pair of jeans, a couple of shirts and a dress to try on. The jeans were too big. Too big! I had to ask for a smaller size. I couldn't believe it. And, get this, they are the slim flare jeans, Slim! I look ridiculous in skinny jeans, as I shared before, but rocked the slim ones.
Please note, the photo is a stock one found online. It is not me...yet.

My mother bought the jeans for me and one of the shirts. She was going to put them under the Christmas tree, but I pointed out, with some hard work, the jeans might be too big for me come Christmas. I should get my wear out of them now.
We both did some damage on more clothing for the boys at Old Navy too. $300, including my clothes and an outfit for my best friend's baby girl, was spent there.
It ended up being a very expensive day. And the bulk of it was on clothes! And most of those clothes were on sale! And all of those clothes are all going to get outgrown. At least the clothing we picked up for Monkey can get passed down to Muffin someday. I did pick up some clothes to put away for the boys. Stuff that they can wear in the Spring. Some of the clothes picked up for Monkey will get put away for his birthday in March. But still; it was a lot of money to drop on kids clothes.
I'm happy to report that I did very well eating out. I had a salad, dressing on the side, for lunch. Tip: don't put your dressing on your salad. Just dip the tip of your fork into the dressing before stabbing at your salad. You get the taste of the dressing with every bite, but you don't use very much at all.
Dinner, we picked up stuff at a grocery store. Monkey and Muffin shared a small cheese, meat and crackers tray. Mom and I had turkey subs.
And I am going to end this post with a little note that I am so excited to get dressed up for Hubby's Christmas party. I have a dress in my closet that I can't wait to wear. I never thought I would be excited to wear a dress. I'm not looking forward to wearing the shapewear I'll have on under it, but the dress it's self, I am.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I've become a walker. I stopped walking a long time ago when I bought my first car. I saw no need to walk, even if it were just to go down the street, when I could drive there.
Do I have a car now? Yep. And a van. We're a two vehicle family. Hubby takes the car to work in the city and I keep the van here at home with me because it has the car seats in it.
Before my weight loss journey started, I hardly ever walked anywhere with the kids. I drove to were ever we were heading. Now, we try to get in a walk every day.
I thought my oldest would hate going for walks. He wasn't used to them. And there are some days he complains. But for the most part, he's totally on board. I try to make it fun for him. We hit the trails and look at nature. We take pictures of our travels around town. We go to stores and I let him check out whatever he wants.
Today he decided we were going to walk all the way to Zellers. We hit the trail to get halfway there. Monkey loves the trail. We pass over an old train bridge. He loves stopping to look at the water.

 Today was cold, so we were all bundled up. I'm going to have to get a scarf or something to go over the little one's nose, cheeks and mouth.

We stopped to check out a bunch of ducks and geese who were enjoying the water near the trail. Why aren't they down South yet? Don't they know the snow is on it's way?

 When we got to Zellers, we wandered around to let ourselves warm up. It's cold out there today. We, of course, checked out the toy area. Today is the last day for the buy one Fisher-Price toy and get another on half off sale. There was one Little People nativity set left.
I wanted one last year, but waited too long and couldn't find one anywhere. I was so happy when I saw them a few weeks ago. I knew I was going to pick one up this year. So when I saw only one sitting there on the shelf, I decided to grab it. And since the sale was on, I grabbed a Little People farm play set to put away for Muffin for Christmas. Trying to balance the two big, bulky boxes on the stroller made me wish I had driven.
We walked home with those boxes balanced right above Muffin's head.
I'm happy to add that I was able to balance those boxes all the way home without them crashing down on Muffin's head.
Now I can't wait until we put up the Christmas tree so I can set out the nativity set under it for the boys to play with. I'm sure we'll have pieces missing within minutes and extras, like cars and trucks, around it, but that's okay. Monkey is in a Catholic school this year. He's learning about the Christian faith and is excited to have a baby Jesus in the house, "even if he is just plastic," as he declared.

Right before it started snowing on us, we saw a ton of geese in the field across the street from our house. We live in town, but it's a small enough town that we had a corn field to look at all summer. Now it's a goose field. There must have been at least a hundred of them, if not more. All noisely driving my poor cat crazy. He was glued to the living room window, watching all the birds he couldn't chase.

That's just an example of the birds. I couldn't get the whole field into one picture without loosing the birds.
They stayed until the snow started falling heavily.
Birds, birds, birds today. Fly south, birds! You're going to freeze your tail feathers off if you stick around here.
The boys and I ended up walking 3.7 miles this morning.
Tomorrow, after getting Monkey safely on the school bus, Muffin and I will go out for another walk.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gross to Me - Yum to Them

Yesterday I made this for lunch.

For the boys, not for myself. I had a bowl of Campbell's Healthy Request soup followed by an apple.

Now look at the back of the box...Look at the calorie line...

300...180...270...What's that 300 for? I don't understand. I've shown this picture to a few people now (and posted it on Facebook). No one seems to know what that extra 300 means. And everyone seems shocked to see 1/4 of the box is so many calories. One of the many reasons I don't eat mac and cheese anymore. It's just not worth it to me. I've also cut the boys from having mac and cheese from once a week (or twice if I was being lazy; shame on me) to once, maybe twice a month. They share about half a box. Sometimes with a hot dog too, but normally peas for the little one and some sort of fruit or berries for the older one.

And even though I don't touch that orange artery blocker anymore, this one enjoyed it so much his hair was orange when he was done.

And this one loved having Cars mac and cheese in his Cars bowl. Although he didn't finish it all.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tired, But Happy

Last night was a late one. With a morning that came way too early. The little Muffin was up past 1am last night. Normally I would stay up with him, but he only wanted his Daddy last night. One would think I would go to bed and try to sleep. But I'm not wired that way. I stayed up until I knew Muffin was sleeping peacefully in his crib. I can't sleep unless everyone else is. I don't know why.
Today is a daycare day, so my alarm was set for 5:30am. I think I might be sneaking a bit of a nap this afternoon with the little ones.
In my tired state, I picked out clothes for each of my boys; Monkey asking to wear one of his Batman shirts. Monkey gets dressed his self while I dress Muffin. We all come downstairs, the boys stand next to each other and I notice this....

I dressed them alike without even realizing it! Grey tops, blue jeans and orange socks. Only difference is Monkey's black under shirt and Monkey's white collared one.
Now, being the shutterbug mommy I am, I grabbed the camera and we had a mini photo shoot. Pictures of the boys together, pictures of them apart, pictures of Monkey's tummy because it looks funny. His belly button area is swollen. We have a doctor appointment coming up.
In in the end, I am glad I dressed the boys alike because now I have some cute pictures to scrap and maybe hang up on the wall (if I ever do get pictures up on the wall. We've been in the new house for four months now and there's still nothing up).
Weight in was last night. Down 1.4! Yay! I'm steadily losing one pound per week roughly. I'm good with that.

Monday, November 14, 2011

New Foods

How often do you try new foods?
How about new recipes?

I used to be one of the pickiest eaters out there. I wouldn't eat much out of my comfort zone as a kid, a teen; and dare I say, as a young adult too.
I've said it before, and I am sure I will say it again, I didn't learn how to cook until I was 24-25 years old. I had a desire to be able to provide for my family. That meant learning how to roast a chicken instead of ordering in KFC. I learnt how to make pork chops with a rice medley and veggies instead of cracking open a couple boxes of KD. I learnt how to make fresh orange glazed chicken instead of zapping the same thing found frozen at the grocery store in the microwave.
I've come a long way from where I used to be.
And with that came the desire to try new foods.
And with that came the desire to try new recipes.
I have cookbooks galore now. I owned two before I learnt how to cook. Cooking for Rookies and Cooking for Kids. I could barely make anything from them. Now I have about 20 books. I love pouring over them, looking for something new. Or even finding an old favourite we had forgotten about.
I love my Weight Watcher cookbooks because they offer yummy recipes and the points are right there. I don't have to calculate them; although that isn't a hard task to do. I have the newest cookbook that came out last December when the new Points Plus program got started. And I've been collecting the small books that have been coming out with the change of the season. They're found in the magazine area of your local stores. They offer quick and simply recipes. Most are 4 or 5 ingredients and less than 30 mins to make. I have Winter, Spring, Summer and now Fall 2011. I flip through them all the time.
I also love the recipes on Weight Watchers online. Tonight's supper is from there. I am making a favourite of Hubby and mine. Slow Cooker Potato and Canadian Bacon Chowder. It is so good! And totally comforting. It's a staple recipe here in my house.
I try to use a new recipe each week so Hubby and I don't get bored. Last week, I made a mixed mushroom and feta pizza. It's a Weight Watcher recipe from the Fall 2011 book - I really should take a picture of it for those who have no idea what book I'm taking about. It called for roasted tomato sauce instead of pizza sauce. I didn't have any on hand, but I did have a can of fire roasted tomatoes. I tossed them into my bullet to make my own sauce. Wow! I am never buying pizza sauce again! From now on, I use fire roasted tomatoes zapped in the bullet. Amazingly good. I also added garlic to my pizza only because Hubby and I are huge garlic fans. We're making the same pizza on Friday night, but we're adding spinach to it.
Last night, I tried my hand at stuffed tomatoes. Again, very yummy! Made a great side to the steak Hubby grilled up.
I have rack of lamb in my freezer, awaiting me to try out a new recipe next week to cook it up.
Are you inspired to try a new food or recipe this week?


Life has happened.
I got caught up in daily chores and living.
I haven't taken the time to post.
Blogging is at the bottom of the pile everytime.
Taking care of the boys; taking care of my self; cleaning the house and everything else in life comes first. And I'm okay with that.
So, the weigth loss journey continues. I couldn't help myself this morning and stepped on the scale. Today is weigh in day. I normally avoid the scale all day long until about 20 minutes before my meeting. Then I hop on and see what my scale says in comparison to the scale at my meeting. Today, I stepped on that scale almost as soon as I woke up. My scale says I'm down about a pound. Now to wait until tonight's meeting to see what their scale says.


On another note, I went shopping the other day. I went looking for a pair of jeans for Muffin. He's has a growth spurt and suddenly his pants are all too short. I managed to find some pants with the adjustable waist. Perfect for my super skinny, tall boy. I can buy size 18 months to get the lenght, and then tighten the waist so they don't fall around his ankles whenever he moves.
While I was out, I looked at pants for myself. Most of my pants are falling down around my ankles too. I've read many blogs about women who never would have thought they could fit comfortably in skinny jeans. Then one day they decide to try on those dreaded skinny jeans and discover they fit beautifully. Inspired by those women, I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans to try on. Maybe my "wow they fit" day had come too.
Yeah. Not so much.
But that's okay.
I got a good laugh at myself. And I know my day will come. Someday I'll fit comfortably in skinny jeans.
Or maybe I won't. Maybe I'm not a skinny jean sort of woman. That's okay too.
I ended up walking out of the store with pants just for Muffin this time around. Maybe next time, I'll walk out with something for myself too.
Until then, Hubby is just going to have to go on being embarassed by my baggy bottom.

Speaking of Hubby; I just want to put it out there how proud I am of him. He started his weight loss journey about the same time as I did. He doesn't go to Weight Watchers with me, but he eats the way I do and he exercises like a mad man. He is now 45 pounds lighter than he was last year. His clothes are falling off him too. I'm very proud of how far he's come.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Week, Another Pound

My 4 day hoilday was awesome. I haven't been up north in so long, and yet the memories were just rolling in. It was great to see my sister, see her house and for her to see the boys.
I tried to be good. I didn't touch the Halloween candy they had sitting out. But I did the peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes my sister baked. I only had one and I shared it with Muffin. He only had the chocolate part though.
We ended up eating out a lot more than we thought we would. We planned on one dinner out and ended up eatting out for one meal every single day. Twice on Sunday; once for lunch with my sister and her boyfriend and then again for dinner on the way back home. Monkey asked nicely, then stayed awake to keep reminding us, to go to McDonald's in Orangeville. They have a play place there. Muffin was more than happy to eat most of Monkey's Happy Meal while playing with Monkey's toy as Monkey played. I did get Muffin a carrot muffin to eat, which Monkey ended up eating....Hmmm...Did you follow that okay? I realize it can get confusing to who I am taking about, especially since I call one of my boys Muffin and then write about giving him a muffin that the other boy ended up having.
Why do I call my boys Monkey and Muffin? Well, Monkey has been Monkey since I was pregnant with him. I've always called him that. He's gotten a few more nicknames along the way, but Monkey has stuck. As for Muffin; he used to be Nugget when I was pregnant. Once he was born and got his name (I went into the hospital knowing he was going to have one of three picked out names), a shorten version of his name followed by muffin became a nickname. So here I just drop his real name and keep the muffin part.
When we went to Disney World a couple of months ago, some people smiled as I counted kids (our two plus Hubby's older two) and called out "A, B, C and D, let's go" and all four kids would follow. It was easier than calling out their names. Good thing we have some very well behaved kids. Most of the time.
And now I have gotten completely off topic.
With a lack of exercise and all the restaurant food I enjoyed this past weekend, I went in to weigh-in a little nervous this week. I was surprised to see I was down a pound! Now I'm only 45 pounds away from my goal and 7 pounds away from getting my next charm for my bracelet.
The ladies who run the show at my meetings are really awesome. My leader is wonderful. She's super funny, personable and keeps me motivated. The other women who do the weigh in, put out the Weight Watchers merchanise and take money are motivational too. The one who weighed me in yesterday celebrated my little victory with me and then reminded me to be good this week. Get in my exercise and eat well or my weekend might creep up and bite me in the bottom. She reminded me to keep focused.
These ladies seriously rock.
Hubby asked me if I would look for a job with Weight Watchers once I get to goal. If there's a spot for me, I totally would. Once I am a success story, I would love to share my journey with others in hope to motivate them get healthy too. Who knows, maybe once I'm down to my goal weight, maybe we can get enough lifetime members to have another meeting day in my community. I think we have enough members that we could easily have two meetings a week. But that's not up to me to dicate.
Who knows. Maybe one day I'll work for Weight Watchers. Maybe not. All I know is the program is working for me. It's not for everyone, but it was what I needed.
Now to go forward with my week. Hopefully there will be another lost pound next week. I'm aiming for it.

Monday, November 7, 2011

November is...

Lung cancer awareness month.
I don my pearls with pride this month.

Two years ago, my world was turned upside down when my aunt passed away from lung cancer, quickly followed by my mother's diagnosis.
Two years ago, while mourning my aunt, I watched my mother go through 15 chemo treatments and 45 radiation treatments. I listened to her doctors claim she wouldn't make it through the treatment.
But she did.
A year ago, as I got ready to welcome Muffin into our lives, I watched my mother deal with a cancerous tumour in her brain. Lung cancer is famous for heading up to the brain.
Only days before I gave birth, my mom underwent brain surgery to remove the tumour.
Three months later, she underwent gammaknife radiation because something showed up in her next brain scan. Her doctors weren't sure if they had gotten all the tumour out. It had broke into pieces durning her operation.
Today, her lungs are still looking okay. Her brain is looking okay. She will be going in for a scan this week to check her bones. She's been complaining about a back/hip pain. It's not due to her lower back injury (she slipped a disc years ago which led to her discharge in the military). It's either arthritis, osteoporosis or, worse case scenario, bone cancer.
Being a cancer survivor, she can't rule anything out. She has to have it checked out.
I'm doing my best not to think about the what if's of my mother's health. I consider myself lucky that I still have her in my life. She drives me completely bonkers sometimes, but she's my mother. She's one of my best friends. She's my biggest cheerleader.
I know our time is limited. Really, if you think about it; our time is limited with everyone in our lives. My time with my mom just has a shorter time line than I would like. I've come to accept that. I have no other choice. I don't want to dwell on the end when it's not here yet. When it comes, I know I will deal horribly with it. Hubby knows it too. He'll be here to pick up the pieces.
Until then, I know I am blessed to still have my mother in my life. And it doesn't matter how crazy she is; how nutty she drives me; or how mad we can get towards each other. I am grateful for the past 30 years I have had her. She's my mother and I love her to the moon and back a million times over. I am proud of how she's kicked cancer in the butt.
I wear my pearls with pride.
I wear my pearls for hope.
I wear my pearls for my mother.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


I've been doing well with keeping out of the kids' candy stash. I say that like both kids are eating the junk, but Muffin has only had a few cheesies on Halloween. I would dip in and not go over three chocolates.
Yesterday was a mess! I nibbled on at least 4 treats during the day. My mistake for bringing some stuff upstairs and leaving them on the counter.
Then Hubby and I totally raided the stash last night right before bed. So bad! Two bags of chips and 4 mini chocolate bars...Each!
Tracked, but feeling totally guilty about it.
Today, the boys and I head up north for four days. Up north to where my sister has informed me she has "leftover Halloween candy, cupcakes, a cake and other treats" for me and the boys. No, no...I'm going to go walk laps around the track near her house while the boys get sugar highs and comas.
With the guilt I'm feeling about my weakness yesterday, I doubt I will even have wine with my sister.
I know we're going to this one awesome burger joint while we're up there. My parents have come back raving about the place. I'm going to have to plan well on whichever day we're there.
I can get through this 4 day holiday without gaining.
I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.....

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter Blues?

Is it possible to get the Winter Blues in Autumn? If so, I think I have them. I'm getting an early start this year.
I was full of motivation, determination, inspiration and had a general love of life just last week. I was working towards my weight loss goals. I was getting in a little creative me time. I was enjoying my family. This week, although I still love my life and those in it, I am struggling to get through the day.
I feel sluggish. I don't want to do anything. Getting my lazy bottom off the couch is hard. I want to sleep the day away.
I'm feeling so blah that even the Halloween candy holds no temptation for me. Which could work in my favour.
Tomorrow I'm packing up the boys for a four day getaway. We're heading up to north to visit my sister. I'm hoping being up North will get me out of my funk. I haven't been up that way since my college days. I'm planning on heading over to the college so Monkey can see my old school. I'll show him the little dorm house I use live in with five other girls. And maybe we'll go by the townhouse I lived in with two other girls my other year up there.
Proof it's a small world: I lived up north 10 years ago for school. My sister, who is 9 years younger than myself, now lives up there with her military officer boyfriend (we're a military proud family. My sister and I were base brats). My neighbour is orginally from up north. My sister and her boyfriend moved into the same condo complex my neighbour used to live in when she was growing up.
I'm hoping seeing my old school, remembering life as an 18/19 year old, seeing my sister and getting in a nature walk or two will help perk me up.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Candy Hiding

Monkey made out like a bandit last night! He trick or treat-ed farther than we thought he would. We have a pumpkin container full of chocolate. Another one full of candy. And a huge bag full of chips. Plus we have leftover candy from the stash I bought to handout. I bought enough for 50 kids. We got about 30. Even after handing out extra stuff to late trick or treaters, I still have stuff leftover.

Like a good mother, I sorted through Monkey's stash when we got home. Removing anything open or homemade (He got some homemade fudge. Really? Who does that? Don't the realize every parent out there is throwing it away because of the unknown?). I also had to taste test stuff/ For quality control purposes, of course. I taste tested a Baby Ruth (because I've never had one before), half a bag of chips (Hubby test tasted the other half), a handful of cheesies (because Muffin insisted on putting them in my mouth; you can't refuse a baby), an Oh Henry (because the package was wrinkled and I had to make sure it was okay) and another Baby Ruth (to see if they taste like an Oh Henry because I thought it did and had to double check. I still say it does. I like it).
Yes, I tracked it all.
After the boys were in bed, I hid the treats. Sort of. We have a little area in the basement where we store extras. We have extra toilet paper, kleenex, school snacks, crackers (we go through goldfish crackers like crazy between the two boys! I stock up), my mom's jarred veggies and jams and salsas, ect. I put all the Halloween treats down there on the top shelf. If anyone wants anything, they have to go down there, get out the stepping stool (unless it's Hubby) just to have a treat.
Out of sight.
Out of mind.
Out of my mouth.
And if I do want a treat...I have to work for it. 
Works for me!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Accountability = Your kid counts how many cookies you bake, so should you try to sneak one, he will know and call you out on it.

And yes, I cheaped out on the baking this year. Cookies I know my kids like, but I don't really care for. Something fun for them that is not too temping for me. Monkey loved rolling the cookies in sprinkles.

Happy Too-Much-Candy Day

It's that time of the year again.
Some think it's a time for dressing up.
Other's think it's a time for piging out on candy.
I used to be the latter.

I was never a huge fan of dressing up. I went through stages when it was fun, but I wasn't big time into it. Monkey seems to be following in my foot steps. He won't wear anything that requires a mask, hat or makeup. He was a shunk for his first two years because Mommy made him (I love it when they're too young to say no). Then he was a Wiggle (because we went to their concert and he decided he had to be just like Sam Wiggle). This year, he's train tracks. And since there are no train track costumes out there, I had to make it. I'm a crafty person. I figured it would be easy to make.
Yeah, I'm a lot better with paper and glue than I am with fabric.
He looks like he's trying to be a poorly constructed ladder.
But he loves it!
I think he's still too young, at four-years-old, to realize how crappy it is. He'll look back at the pictures someday and say "really, Mom?"
Muffin is still at that too young to say no age. Last year he was a pea pod; costume hand picked by big brother. This year he's a shunk. I'm getting my money's worth out of that Old Navy costume I bought on sale in 2008! Monkey was a big baby (always in the 98th percentile. He's always been tall for his age); so when he was 7 months old for his first Halloween, he wore a 18-24 month costume. It was a little big on him, but still super cute. I then squished him into the same costume the following year. It barely fit, but I made it work. Muffin, at 13 months, is a little small in the costume. He's a tiny one. I don't think the costume will fit him next year, so he wears it today. It fits well enough, and he'll have layers under it.

I'll be missing my meeting tonight. They are opening up earlier for weigh-in only, but I won't make it. Hubby's car is in the shop; he has my van. I could walk to weigh-in with the boys, but that means walking on the highway.
I weighed myself here at home this morning. No change. I wasn't expecting one this week. I ate horribly from Thursday on.
Today starts a new day; a new week.
My challenge this week: To stay out of Monkey's candy stash!

And on one last note...Happy Too-Much-Candy Day from my Boo Crew to your's!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Want More

These last few days have been a struggle.
I'm not reaching for junk food. I just seem to want more than my measured out portions.
Yesterday at the grocery store, Hubby and I found amazing steaks on sale. There were three; all under $3. We grabbed all three of them for dinner. He BBQ-ed them while I made a roasted green bean with tomato salad (so good! One of these days I'll have to post the recipe. If you're a WW member, look it up in the recipe finder. It's a fave in this house).
I knew I wasn't going to eat a whole steak. But I also knew I wanted more than just 3oz. So I measured out 5oz. It was 12 points! And you know what...So worth it! It was melt in your mouth perfection. The bean and tomato salad is one point per serving. I had two servings. When I was done my super yummy meal, I wanted more. Hubby downed one whole steak. Pre-Weight Watchers, I would have too. With a baked potato with the works and most likely something else too.
Since I was still looking for more, I had an apple. It got me to where I needed to be. I still wish I could have had more steak; but I know I made the right choice.
It was hard not to get into the snack cupboard last night too. I kept wandering over to it. Just as I would reach my hand out to open the door, I would repeat "one point left." All I had left to my points for the day; and I wasn't willing to spend my weekly points on a late night snack.
I made it through, Hopefully today is easier, but I doubt it will be. Maybe I haven't been keeping myself busy enough. I have a bunch of little things that need to be done around the house. I'll get to work at getting them done.

Question: The cheerios your 13 month old feeds you are zero points, right?

Yesterday's Overview

Breakfast: Apple and coffee (3pts)
Lunch: Quiche and a salad (13pts)
Dinner: Steak with bean and tomato salad (15pts)
Snack: Apple; pear (0pts)
Pop: Two glasses and one bottle (so bad! No pop today!)

Exercise: 5km walk with the family

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Raynaud's Phenomenon

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with Raynaud's Phenomenon. It's a condition that has to do with my blood circulation.
It was pretty bad when I was in my teens. I didn't have too many problems by the time I hit my 20's. Lately though, it's been acting up.
When I was younger, it was my hands that were affected. I'm used to it being mostly my fingers that go numb and sore. So when my toes went numb, I didn't put two and two together. My doctor did though.
At least, that's what he thinks it is. He's thinking of running some testes to rule out other issues.
Raynaud's Phenomenon is a pain in the butt, hands and feet, but I will still be happy to hear that the numbness in my toes is due to it rather than something else more serious.

Yesterday's Overview

Breakfast: Soft Pretzel and coffee (9pts! Yikes!)
Lunch: Soup (5pts)
Dinner: Broccoli quiche with a salad (12pts)
Snacks: Apple, goldfish crackers (4pts)
Pop: One glass (Hubby finally brought up the bottle from downstairs. I'm weak with it up here. I think I should set up a challenge for myself)

Excerise: 6km walk; 40 minutes cardio

I ended up walking a grand total of 12km yesterday; 6km being when I was out for a walk with my  youngest, Muffin. I'm proud of that. If it's not rainning today, I plan to be back out there for another long walk. Maybe I'll talk DH into walking to the grocery store today. We don't need to buy much. We could easily carry what we need back home.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Bad Day Turn Around

I traveled to the city yesterday. Those are days I almost dread because I know I never eat as good as should.
We left early to get to the baby's doctor appointment. Side note: he had surgery a couple of weeks ago; he wasn't healing right and it had to be corrected; now he's doing well, but his doctor wanted to see him just to make sure. Good news; he's still looking good. Poor thing got his flu shot yesterday though.
After the appointment, my mother and I took the boys shopping. I found an awesome pair of winter boots. Needed them since my old boots fell apart last year. The soles fell right off! That's what I get for buying super cheap boots. I didn't spend an arm and a leg yesterday, but they cost more than $13 like my last pair did.
I found a great pair of dress pants too. Perfect for the holiday season coming up. They're black with grey and purple plaid running lightly through them. Perfect to pair up with my white sweater or a white dressy tank and light black cardigan. Perfect to wear to my inlaw's party.
Well, perfect if they still fit by then. I'm thinking they will, but secretly hope they won't and I'll need to go out and find another perfect pair of pants.
I need jeans badly, but didn't find any I liked enough to buy. They need to be super cheap, but still look nice. I don't want to spend too much for something I don't plan on having in my closet for long.
For lunch, we stopped at Wendy's. Normally I would get a small chilli and a baked potato. I didn't yesterday. I got a spicy chicken and a baked potato instead. And I enjoyed! Still no pop though. I had water instead.
We were home by dinner. Since I didn't pull anything out the night before, I made veggie omelettes for everyone. Then we had dessert. Something we normally don't have, but my mom dragged me into an European bakery while we were in the city. She treated the boys to halloween cookies and bought a piece of cake for Hubby and I to share. It was so good!
Then, since we had it in the house and enjoy it, Hubby and I had a glass of wine once the boys were down for the night. It was nice to sip at as I finished up Monkey's halloween costume (he's going to be train tracks) and put together 20 little treat bags for his halloween party at school today. Gummies and little rubber rats. Monkey is so excited to hand them out to his little classmates.
Today, I am focusing on getting back OP.
I have a good start so far. After getting Monkey onto the bus this morning, Muffin and I went for a walk. I pushed that stroller as fast as I could for 6km. Now we're working on warming up and getting ready for lunch. After lunch, when Muffin goes down for his nap, I will do my cardio workout. I'm aiming for 45 minutes today. Maybe I'll push myself for a full hour.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Relationship With Food

My relationship with food isn't a good one.
Truth be told, it never has been.
Even when I was a skinny, little thing.

I'm not even sure where my poor relation started.

My parents were both in the military. They brought the treats into the house and ate whatever they wanted because they could. They both worked out. They both ran. And, on top of it, my mom is one of those people who can eat whatever she wants and not gain from it. If she wants to eat 10 chocolate bars in a row, washing them down with a bag of gummies, she can. Is it health? No. But she can. And she has.

Growing up, the treats were there. The tempation was there. I knew my parents worked out to keep fit. I understood by my teen years what calories were and how to read a food label.

I was lazy. I would wake up at 6am on the weekend, sneak half a pack of cookies in my room and read and snack until lunchtime. I didn't work out. I didn't run, jump, walk and play hard. I hated sports. I would much rather cruise the mall and a slow pace, gossiping with my friends.

As a teen, I was smaller than I am now. I knew if I wanted a chocolate bar, there was a price to pay. Only I wasn't smart about it. Instead of treating myself once and a while, or trying to burn those calories off, I skipped meals.

Fast forward to college.
I was on a tight budget. I didn't know how to cook much other than minute rice, spaghetti, KD and toast. I bought very little food in order to spend more on clothes and booze. Instead of gaining the freshman 15, I lost 20.

Fast forward a few more years. I found myself in a very unhappy, unhealthy relationship. The man sucked all the life out of me. I turned to food for comfort. I spent 6 years pretending to be happy because I thought I was supposed to. I gained weight rapidly.

Once I was free from that relationshop; I had to work hard to find myself. Along the way, I found Hubby. He's changed my life for the better. He taught me how to love myself. He taught me what a good relationship is all about. He loves me for me. And he taught me how to cook.
Little side story: When Hubby and I were only a couple of weeks into being a couple, I wanted to cook him dinner. I had to call my mom to ask her how. She walked me through making rice with veggies, chicken (fresh, not that frozen junk in a box I was used to cooking with) and steamed veggies on the side. It's not rocket science, but I could not do it alone. And I was 24 years old!

I've had many more up and downs (mostly downs) with food. I've tried losing weight on my own before. I lose track of myself and everything else when I'm consumed by trying to count calories. I'm not sure how counting points seems to be easier for me, but it is.

My relationship with food isn't close to being good yet. I will still long to pick the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie over an apple. I will still long for 5 cookies instead of just one. I will still stare longingly at the chocolate bars at the check out. But I am learning to love fresh fruits. I am learning how to have my chocolate and lose weight too.

It's about time I learn how to have a good relationship with food.
Food is fuel. Food is what helps keep me alive.
Food is not a friend. Food cannot comfort.

Yesterday's Overview

Breakfast: Coffee and an apple (3pts)
Lunch: Soup (5 points)
Dinner: Steak with a mushroom red wine sauce (ww recipe), couscous with sauted red peppers and garlic; a couple of glasses of wine (20pts! But so worth it)
Snacks: Low fat cheese and a handful of goldfish crackers (6pts)
Pop: NONE!!! Yay for me! There's a bottle of President's Choice pop downstairs and I haven't brought it up yet. Hubby has joined me on my lack of pop. At home, anyways. I know he's drinking pop at work. I bought him some a few weeks ago to have there.

Exercise: 2.2 mile walk; 35 minutes cardio; 20 minutes yoga (which only gets one activiy point! How much yoga does one have to do to get the points? I used to do yoga when I was pregnant. I think I prefer the results of cardio now)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pretty Present

What's in the pretty wrapped box?

The start of a pretty bracelet!

I have been wanting to do this for myself for a while now. I bought myself a reward bracelet. For every 10 pounds I lose, I get a new bead/charm. I have four on there right now to mark losing 40 pounds. There's a 5th bead still in the box. I have 8 pounds to go before I hit 50 pounds. Hubby will give me that 5th bead then.
I'm thinking I'm going to make fitness goals for myself too. When I hit a fitness goal, I can have a new bead too.

Yesterday's Overview

Breakfast: Just coffee (3pts)
Lunch: Black bean quesadilla (9pts)
Dinner: Turkey stuffed peppers; mixed green salad with olive oil dressing (8pts)
Snack: granola bar and yogurt (6pts)
Pop: None! Three days in a row.

Exercise: 5km walk

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Embarassment

In the course of a week, my pants have fallen off twice. And my underwear has fallen down four times.
Talk about embarassing!
But happy that I need a smaller size in both underwear and jeans.
Guess I'm doing something right with this weight loss thing.

Yesterday's Overview

Breakfast: Oatmeal and coffee (5pts)
Lunch: Chicken, cucumber and feta pita (6pts)
Dinner: Stewed beef over spaetzle (12pts)
Snack: Mini halloween chocolate bars (5pts) <--- See? I got in some chocolate and it totally fit in with my plan for the day.
Pop: None

Exercise: 2.4 mile walk; 35 minutes of cardio

Monday, October 24, 2011

Plus Size?

I read a blog earlier that commented that size 12 was plus size.
Are you freaking kidding me?
I looked it up and the average dress size for women in North America is size 14.
I'm not saying that size 14 is perfect. I believe the perfect size for anyone is the size they are when they are healthy.
My little sister was really sick a couple of years ago. She was sick for over a year before she finally had surgery to fix her problem. She went from a healthy, fit, wearing a size 5 to the point that size 0 was too big for her. She was a walking skeleton. She had no fat on her; and no muscle tone. Two months after her surgery, I had Muffin. She couldn't hold his little 7 pound self for more than 5 minutes without her arms starting to shake. She was so unhealthy.
How many women out there do that same thing to theirselves willingly? I could easily bet thousands.

This is a size 12 model. 

This is a size 0 model.
Which one looks unhealthy to you?

My sister is back on track, over a year after surgery. She's still really thin, but she's gained enough that she doesn't look sickly anymore. Her boyfriend is a big health nut. He loves working out and eating well. He has a major sweet tooth, but he hits the gym a lot. I'm sure he'll take care of her.
When I started my weight loss journey, I was a size 18. Or at least, I told myself I was a size 18. Looking back, my pants were very tight. I mentally refused to let myself wear anything larger. I refused to believe that 18 was plus size. In my head, plus size was 20. A size not found in most stores. I wouldn't step foot into a plus size store. That would be admitting I was plus size; although I was.
I can admit it now. Now that those size 18 pants I was wearing are now too big. Now that the size 16 pants I am wearing are too big. Now that my size 14 pants from 5 years ago fit again.
I don't know what my "perfect" dress size will be. I don't even really know what number on the scale is right for me. Yes, I'm shooting to be 48 pounds lighter than I am right now, but I don't know if that's the right number for me. I had to set a goal, so I did. I went off of what the BMI scale said is healthy for me.
I just want to be healthy. If I can get myself fit too, that's awesome. That's what I'm working towards. Healthy and fit.
And if I can look and feel great in a sexy little black dress, that's an extra Hubby can enjoy as well.

Yesterday's Overview

Breakfast: Apple (0pts)
Lunch: Roast beef wrap with lots of fresh veggies and more veggies on the side (6pts)
Dinner:  Falafel burger in a pita with (too many yummy homemade) potato wedges (22pts!)
Snacks: none
Pop: one glass

Excerise: No full on workout, but I ran up and down both sets of stairs all day long doing laundry and stuff.

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Okay, quick question...What happened to Hungry? He used to be on the Weight Watchers commericals. I love seeing Jennifer Hudson because she's an inspiration, but I miss the cuteness of Hungry. I saw the dolls on Esty once. I should track them down again. Would love to have one. I could tell him "No" every time I want something bad for me and I'm low on points for the day. Ha! That would be fun.
Anyways, today I want to talk about something that helps to keep me motivated.
My Weight Watchers meetings.
When I first joined, that first meeting was horrible to go to. I felt like a failure going. Like admiting I had a problem and needed help was a bad thing. The ladies who work there welcomed me with open arms. They made me feel good about about there. After the meeting, I finally understood I was not alone. I went home on a natural high about the journey I was starting. Hubby was so supportive. He may not have joined, but he started eating like me and working out. We were both on our way to changing our lives.
I look forward to my weekly meeting. I go Monday evenings. At first I hated that they were on Monday. It meant if I let lose on the weekend, it showed at weigh-in on Monday. But now I'm happy it's on Monday. It helps keep me in check over the weekend.
I leave for my meetings early. The meeting doesn't start until 7pm. I'm there at 6 most days. I weigh in before there's a huge line. I get to talk to my leader before the crowd comes in. I get my pick of where to sit in the meeting room. And then I get almost an hour to myself. No hubby, no kids, no cat, no phone, no internet. Just me, myself and my book/magazine/notebook/whatever-it-is-I-brought-with-me. I love that little bit of me time.
When my meeting is over, I'm full of fresh motivation and relaxed. I can track my busy week head on without a doubt.

Yesterday's Overview

Breakfast: 2 cups of coffee (3pts)
Lunch: Black bean quesadilla with fat free sour cream (9pts)
Dinner: Pesto pasta - Weight Watchers recipe (8pts)
Snacks: Granola bar (3pts)

I noticed I still drink too much diet pop some days. There are days I don't touch it, but other's where I drink two or three cups worth. So I'm going to start tracking my diet pop intake.

Pop: 2 cups

Exercise: 35 minutes cardio; ran up and down the stairs for 20 minutes

***Little Extra***
I stepped on my scale this morning. It was calling my name. I'm still in my pjs (which are pretty lightweight), and haven't eaten or drank anything yet. The number on the scale was 4 pounds smaller than Monday night's weigh in. Why oh why can't weigh in be in the morning? I like that number so much more. I know I won't be 4 pounds lighter Monday night. The scale can go up and down every day; muliple times a day, if you're into tourturing yourself. I'll be happy with a 2 pound loss. Heck, I'll be happy with a one pound loss. A loss is a loss is a loss, right?
Still, it was nice seeing that -4 pounds this morning. Remembering that -4 might help me keep things in check while I'm at my mother's house today.

Friday, October 21, 2011

This Boy

I got to go to this cutie's classroom today for 30 minutes. I met his teacher who raved about him. He already knows his alphabet, he can count to 100 (and beyond), he can write his name and he knows his colours and shapes. All the things his teacher is teaching the junior kindergarten class. She's teaching the senior kindergarten students (it's a split class) sight words. To work together as a class, the teacher decided to teach the junior kindergarteners how to "read" a story looking at the pictures. My monkey got to get up and hold the book. He then read the book, word for word, to the class. Shocked his teacher.
Monkey loves to learn. Always has. He's been begging to go to school since he was two. When he turned three, we put him into a program called Best Start. It's a daycare for kids getting ready to start school. It gets them used to what school will be like. I was home; it was money we really could have used for other things; but he loved it so much. It was worth it. He went only two days a week. It takes place in his current school. So when he started jk this year, the only thing he wasn't used to was taking the bus. I drove him to and from the school the year before.
I walked out of Monkey's classroom having a very proud Mommy Moment. I thought it was just my bais Mommy thinking he was a smartie, but I guess not. His teacher said he's one of the brightest in her whole class. And he's super polite too. Thank goodness! Feels like all he does is pick fights with his baby brother here at home.
Yes, I'm very proud of my darling big boy.
I am very glad I got this chance to go spy on his class and talk to his teacher.