Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Down and Proud

I’m down two pounds! Yay! And here I thought I had a fairly bad week. I ate out three times (two trips to the city and a night when I had nothing thawed out from the freezer). I had more lattes in the past week than I have in a couple of months. Darn McDonald’s and Tim Horton’s coming out with vanilla lattes; one of my weaknesses. Since the nearest Starbucks (still my favourite place) is in the city, 45 minutes way, I don’t get my latte fix very often. Mom and I both got McDonald café coupon books in the mail; we’ve been putting them to good work. I’m sure we won’t go as much as soon as those two for one coupons are done.

We had the Santa Claus parades going on in our surrounding towns this past weekend. I ate a fast salad at my mom’s house on Friday so we could make it to her town’s parade in time. Saturday, I served sandwiches and raw veggies before Monkey and Hubby left to help decorate Monkey’s school float. My parents, Muffin and I watched our town’s parade; including me running through the parade to get a picture of Monkey and Hubby on the school float. They were, of course, on the opposite side we were on. So I ran across the street, through the parade, to get my picture, and ran back through the parade to where I left Muffin and my parents. Running through the parade (and embarrassing Hubby a little, I think) almost felt like a small victory. I would have never ran nearly 40 pounds ago. I would have just complained about being on the wrong side of the road. It almost feels like it should be mundane, but it felt good.

(kinda dark and hard to see, but that's Hubby walking next to the float. The kid at the end with the reindeer antlers is Monkey. By this point, he was looking so sad. He's was over the joy of the parade.)

I also learnt how proud my parents are of my weight loss journey. Hubby and Monkey ended up walking home from where the parade ended. My parents gave Hubby a lift to the van. On the way, Hubby said my parents were talking about how they can see my weight loss, they see how my face is thinning out and my waist is back. Mom was so happy to have bought me a pair of smaller pants. They want to treat me to some new clothes. According to Hubby, Mom wants to buy me pants in the next size down so I’m motivated to get into them.

I’m not sure if that’s a good idea, but I am so touched that they’re proud of me. I’m no different from most people…I long for the approval and praise of my parents; even as I enter my 30’s. So hearing this information from Hubby has totally lifted my spirits.

I know I’m on this journey for me. I am number one in this. I want to do this to be healthy; so I can live a long life. Number two on my list are my boys. I want to be able to keep up with them; to teach them how to live an active, healthy life; to be here for them and their children someday. Number three on my list is shallow, but I’ve shared this much, why stop? Number three is Hubby. He’s lost so much weight and is looking amazing; the muscle building is starting, the six pack is starting to form. I know he’s going this so that he’s healthy, but I like to think he’s doing it so I think he’s hot (which I always have; always will). I want to be hot for him too. Shallow thinking, huh? I also wouldn’t mind feeling comfortable in a bathing suit. We’re planning on going back to Disney World in 2013 or 2014, I wouldn’t mind being able to wear a bathing suit at the pool without the body issues.

And I’ve gotten off topic…Yes, I’m on this journey for me; but it still feels good to know my parents are proud of me.

At my meeting last night, we talked a little about the change coming to the Weight Watcher’s program. It doesn’t sound like a huge change, which is good. Now next Monday (when the changes take place) seems so far away. It feels like Christmas. Weight Watchers has placed a brightly wrapped present under the tree and I can open it until Monday. I can’t shake the present, I can’t rip a little to peek, I can’t try to peel away the tape to unwrap and wrap back up; all things I used to do when I was a kid. I hate surprises! I have to know everything right away. This week is going to be so long now.

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