Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Candy Hiding

Monkey made out like a bandit last night! He trick or treat-ed farther than we thought he would. We have a pumpkin container full of chocolate. Another one full of candy. And a huge bag full of chips. Plus we have leftover candy from the stash I bought to handout. I bought enough for 50 kids. We got about 30. Even after handing out extra stuff to late trick or treaters, I still have stuff leftover.

Like a good mother, I sorted through Monkey's stash when we got home. Removing anything open or homemade (He got some homemade fudge. Really? Who does that? Don't the realize every parent out there is throwing it away because of the unknown?). I also had to taste test stuff/ For quality control purposes, of course. I taste tested a Baby Ruth (because I've never had one before), half a bag of chips (Hubby test tasted the other half), a handful of cheesies (because Muffin insisted on putting them in my mouth; you can't refuse a baby), an Oh Henry (because the package was wrinkled and I had to make sure it was okay) and another Baby Ruth (to see if they taste like an Oh Henry because I thought it did and had to double check. I still say it does. I like it).
Yes, I tracked it all.
After the boys were in bed, I hid the treats. Sort of. We have a little area in the basement where we store extras. We have extra toilet paper, kleenex, school snacks, crackers (we go through goldfish crackers like crazy between the two boys! I stock up), my mom's jarred veggies and jams and salsas, ect. I put all the Halloween treats down there on the top shelf. If anyone wants anything, they have to go down there, get out the stepping stool (unless it's Hubby) just to have a treat.
Out of sight.
Out of mind.
Out of my mouth.
And if I do want a treat...I have to work for it. 
Works for me!

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