Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Winter Walk

We woke up to a Winter Wonderland today. It’s just the beginning of Winter, so I’m loving it right now. It won’t be the same story come mid January. I’ll be over the snow by then. I’ll be prematurely dreaming of warmer Spring days.

Today is a school day for Monkey. It’s also PJ Day at school. Monkey is wearing his new favourite pjs today. Warm fleece ones. He’s going to be comfy all day long.

I bundled everyone up and we headed out to the bus stop. Monkey was super excited about PJ Day, the snow and getting to wear his snow pants. He complained as soon as we were outside; demanding to know why we can’t be like the other families at the bus stop. All the other kids get drove to the bus stop. I have never driven Monkey. We walk. It’s ten minutes away on foot. Some of the kids who get driven by their parents live even closer than us! Crazy.

Since we were out anyways, Muffin and I keep walking after Monkey was safely on the bus. We ploughed through the snow on the sidewalks with the snow whipping at us. Monkey was protected by a stroller cover. He was so nice and toasty warm, he fell asleep on our walk. I think I over bundled myself. Pushing the stroller through the snow was hard work. I forget every year just how hard it is to push the stroller in the snow. I think I want to get a sled more than ever now. Pushing the stroller, plus all the layers of clothes I had on, I sweated up a storm.

I wish I had taken my camera along for the walk. I went over the creek and the scene was beautiful! The rushing water (higher than it’s been all year) with all the snow covered trees bending over it. It was breathtaking. I enjoyed walking around and looking at the beauty of snow. I might as well enjoy it now before I’m sick of it.

View from my living room window. So pretty!

Muffin and I went 3.2 miles. I finished up our walk by shovelling off pathway, step and porch. There really isn’t enough snow on the driveway to shovel it just yet. We have a dirt driveway. I tried to shovel it, but the rocks and stones just come up. I stomped on the snow to pack it down.

Now to wait until naptime and I can empty out our storage closet to find our Christmas stuff. I want to get our Count Down to Christmas out and on display. Our advent calendar is getting hung up tonight so we can start our daily activities. This weekend, hopefully, we’ll get our tree up. We need to buy new lights for the tree. I guess we could put the tree up and just hold off on decorating it until we have new lights.

Anyways, I think it’s time for me to make a lovely hot apple and cinnamon tea before lunchtime.

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