Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Week, Another Pound

My 4 day hoilday was awesome. I haven't been up north in so long, and yet the memories were just rolling in. It was great to see my sister, see her house and for her to see the boys.
I tried to be good. I didn't touch the Halloween candy they had sitting out. But I did the peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes my sister baked. I only had one and I shared it with Muffin. He only had the chocolate part though.
We ended up eating out a lot more than we thought we would. We planned on one dinner out and ended up eatting out for one meal every single day. Twice on Sunday; once for lunch with my sister and her boyfriend and then again for dinner on the way back home. Monkey asked nicely, then stayed awake to keep reminding us, to go to McDonald's in Orangeville. They have a play place there. Muffin was more than happy to eat most of Monkey's Happy Meal while playing with Monkey's toy as Monkey played. I did get Muffin a carrot muffin to eat, which Monkey ended up eating....Hmmm...Did you follow that okay? I realize it can get confusing to who I am taking about, especially since I call one of my boys Muffin and then write about giving him a muffin that the other boy ended up having.
Why do I call my boys Monkey and Muffin? Well, Monkey has been Monkey since I was pregnant with him. I've always called him that. He's gotten a few more nicknames along the way, but Monkey has stuck. As for Muffin; he used to be Nugget when I was pregnant. Once he was born and got his name (I went into the hospital knowing he was going to have one of three picked out names), a shorten version of his name followed by muffin became a nickname. So here I just drop his real name and keep the muffin part.
When we went to Disney World a couple of months ago, some people smiled as I counted kids (our two plus Hubby's older two) and called out "A, B, C and D, let's go" and all four kids would follow. It was easier than calling out their names. Good thing we have some very well behaved kids. Most of the time.
And now I have gotten completely off topic.
With a lack of exercise and all the restaurant food I enjoyed this past weekend, I went in to weigh-in a little nervous this week. I was surprised to see I was down a pound! Now I'm only 45 pounds away from my goal and 7 pounds away from getting my next charm for my bracelet.
The ladies who run the show at my meetings are really awesome. My leader is wonderful. She's super funny, personable and keeps me motivated. The other women who do the weigh in, put out the Weight Watchers merchanise and take money are motivational too. The one who weighed me in yesterday celebrated my little victory with me and then reminded me to be good this week. Get in my exercise and eat well or my weekend might creep up and bite me in the bottom. She reminded me to keep focused.
These ladies seriously rock.
Hubby asked me if I would look for a job with Weight Watchers once I get to goal. If there's a spot for me, I totally would. Once I am a success story, I would love to share my journey with others in hope to motivate them get healthy too. Who knows, maybe once I'm down to my goal weight, maybe we can get enough lifetime members to have another meeting day in my community. I think we have enough members that we could easily have two meetings a week. But that's not up to me to dicate.
Who knows. Maybe one day I'll work for Weight Watchers. Maybe not. All I know is the program is working for me. It's not for everyone, but it was what I needed.
Now to go forward with my week. Hopefully there will be another lost pound next week. I'm aiming for it.

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