Monday, November 14, 2011


Life has happened.
I got caught up in daily chores and living.
I haven't taken the time to post.
Blogging is at the bottom of the pile everytime.
Taking care of the boys; taking care of my self; cleaning the house and everything else in life comes first. And I'm okay with that.
So, the weigth loss journey continues. I couldn't help myself this morning and stepped on the scale. Today is weigh in day. I normally avoid the scale all day long until about 20 minutes before my meeting. Then I hop on and see what my scale says in comparison to the scale at my meeting. Today, I stepped on that scale almost as soon as I woke up. My scale says I'm down about a pound. Now to wait until tonight's meeting to see what their scale says.


On another note, I went shopping the other day. I went looking for a pair of jeans for Muffin. He's has a growth spurt and suddenly his pants are all too short. I managed to find some pants with the adjustable waist. Perfect for my super skinny, tall boy. I can buy size 18 months to get the lenght, and then tighten the waist so they don't fall around his ankles whenever he moves.
While I was out, I looked at pants for myself. Most of my pants are falling down around my ankles too. I've read many blogs about women who never would have thought they could fit comfortably in skinny jeans. Then one day they decide to try on those dreaded skinny jeans and discover they fit beautifully. Inspired by those women, I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans to try on. Maybe my "wow they fit" day had come too.
Yeah. Not so much.
But that's okay.
I got a good laugh at myself. And I know my day will come. Someday I'll fit comfortably in skinny jeans.
Or maybe I won't. Maybe I'm not a skinny jean sort of woman. That's okay too.
I ended up walking out of the store with pants just for Muffin this time around. Maybe next time, I'll walk out with something for myself too.
Until then, Hubby is just going to have to go on being embarassed by my baggy bottom.

Speaking of Hubby; I just want to put it out there how proud I am of him. He started his weight loss journey about the same time as I did. He doesn't go to Weight Watchers with me, but he eats the way I do and he exercises like a mad man. He is now 45 pounds lighter than he was last year. His clothes are falling off him too. I'm very proud of how far he's come.

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