Thursday, November 3, 2011


I've been doing well with keeping out of the kids' candy stash. I say that like both kids are eating the junk, but Muffin has only had a few cheesies on Halloween. I would dip in and not go over three chocolates.
Yesterday was a mess! I nibbled on at least 4 treats during the day. My mistake for bringing some stuff upstairs and leaving them on the counter.
Then Hubby and I totally raided the stash last night right before bed. So bad! Two bags of chips and 4 mini chocolate bars...Each!
Tracked, but feeling totally guilty about it.
Today, the boys and I head up north for four days. Up north to where my sister has informed me she has "leftover Halloween candy, cupcakes, a cake and other treats" for me and the boys. No, no...I'm going to go walk laps around the track near her house while the boys get sugar highs and comas.
With the guilt I'm feeling about my weakness yesterday, I doubt I will even have wine with my sister.
I know we're going to this one awesome burger joint while we're up there. My parents have come back raving about the place. I'm going to have to plan well on whichever day we're there.
I can get through this 4 day holiday without gaining.
I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.....

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