Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Winter Blues?

Is it possible to get the Winter Blues in Autumn? If so, I think I have them. I'm getting an early start this year.
I was full of motivation, determination, inspiration and had a general love of life just last week. I was working towards my weight loss goals. I was getting in a little creative me time. I was enjoying my family. This week, although I still love my life and those in it, I am struggling to get through the day.
I feel sluggish. I don't want to do anything. Getting my lazy bottom off the couch is hard. I want to sleep the day away.
I'm feeling so blah that even the Halloween candy holds no temptation for me. Which could work in my favour.
Tomorrow I'm packing up the boys for a four day getaway. We're heading up to north to visit my sister. I'm hoping being up North will get me out of my funk. I haven't been up that way since my college days. I'm planning on heading over to the college so Monkey can see my old school. I'll show him the little dorm house I use live in with five other girls. And maybe we'll go by the townhouse I lived in with two other girls my other year up there.
Proof it's a small world: I lived up north 10 years ago for school. My sister, who is 9 years younger than myself, now lives up there with her military officer boyfriend (we're a military proud family. My sister and I were base brats). My neighbour is orginally from up north. My sister and her boyfriend moved into the same condo complex my neighbour used to live in when she was growing up.
I'm hoping seeing my old school, remembering life as an 18/19 year old, seeing my sister and getting in a nature walk or two will help perk me up.

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