Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Shopping Sprint

Yesterday started out innocent enough. Monkey had a doctor appointment in the city. I knew I wanted to got to Bonnie Togs. I had recieved an email about their Carter's sale. I love Carter's for Muffin. Most of his 0-9 month clothes were Carter's if they weren't hand me downs from Monkey.
My mother volunteered to come with the boys and I.
We did the doctor appointment first, followed by Bonnie Togs. $200 plus dollars later (mostly for Monkey even though we went for Muffin), we ended up at the new Michael's. $70 later (mostly on sale items and $1.50 stocking stuffers) we were on our way to the mall.
We were only going to the mall so the boys could visit Santa. He wasn't there. He's only doing weekends for this month. Shoot.
So my mom and I wandered into Old Navy. I grabbed a pair of jeans, a couple of shirts and a dress to try on. The jeans were too big. Too big! I had to ask for a smaller size. I couldn't believe it. And, get this, they are the slim flare jeans, Slim! I look ridiculous in skinny jeans, as I shared before, but rocked the slim ones.
Please note, the photo is a stock one found online. It is not me...yet.

My mother bought the jeans for me and one of the shirts. She was going to put them under the Christmas tree, but I pointed out, with some hard work, the jeans might be too big for me come Christmas. I should get my wear out of them now.
We both did some damage on more clothing for the boys at Old Navy too. $300, including my clothes and an outfit for my best friend's baby girl, was spent there.
It ended up being a very expensive day. And the bulk of it was on clothes! And most of those clothes were on sale! And all of those clothes are all going to get outgrown. At least the clothing we picked up for Monkey can get passed down to Muffin someday. I did pick up some clothes to put away for the boys. Stuff that they can wear in the Spring. Some of the clothes picked up for Monkey will get put away for his birthday in March. But still; it was a lot of money to drop on kids clothes.
I'm happy to report that I did very well eating out. I had a salad, dressing on the side, for lunch. Tip: don't put your dressing on your salad. Just dip the tip of your fork into the dressing before stabbing at your salad. You get the taste of the dressing with every bite, but you don't use very much at all.
Dinner, we picked up stuff at a grocery store. Monkey and Muffin shared a small cheese, meat and crackers tray. Mom and I had turkey subs.
And I am going to end this post with a little note that I am so excited to get dressed up for Hubby's Christmas party. I have a dress in my closet that I can't wait to wear. I never thought I would be excited to wear a dress. I'm not looking forward to wearing the shapewear I'll have on under it, but the dress it's self, I am.

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