Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gearing Up

Are you on Facebook? I don't know many people who aren't; aside from my dad and father-in-law, who have pages done up by their wives so the wives could get farther in their Facebook games. Anyway, if you are on Facebook, I'm sure you've seen this floating around:

I got a good giggle out of it when I saw it for the first time.
It also got me thinking about the end of the year and the beginning of the next. It's all coming up soon. In fact, I have my new advent calander almost finished. It's going to make #3 in my house. I love them! The boys have those cheapie chocolate ones (because all kids love those); we have the Countdown to Christmas tree I made three years ago (this one here); and now my new one someone got me last year (this one here). I think it might have been my mom who gave it to me. I didn't bother making it last year since Christmas was over by the time I recieved it. So I sat down yesterday to make it. I also came up with a list of activities for us to do everyday.

1. Sing Christmas Songs
2. Make a pipe cleaner chain for the tree
3. Make Candy Cane Reindeer (I have been doing these every year since I was about six. Love them!)
4. Put decorations in the living room window (handmade snowflakes and stuff)
5. Write letters to Santa (I have two sets of special stationary just for these letters. One for the boys and one for Mommy to scrapbook. Found them for $1.50 each, including a pencil and an envelope)
6. Make Christmas cards
7. Read Christmas books
8. Make and Play Pin the Nose on the Snowman
9. Try a new holiday drink; Peppermint Shake
10. Watch a Christmas movie
11. Bake Christmas cookies
12. Drink hot chocolate with marshmellows
13. Make hand reindeer crafts
14. Dinner in front of the Christmas tree, picnic style
15. Make Christmas gifts for special people
16. Go for a night walk to look at Christmas lights and decorations
17. Make a pinecone bird feeder
18. Donate toys to needy kids
19. Make Christmas Rice Crispy squares
20. Wish a stranger a happy holidays
21. Drink some eggnog
22. Wrap teacher's Christmas gift
23. Make a snowflake craft
24. Play Christmas music all day
25. Enjoy family!

I can't wait to start doing all our fun activities. Hubby knows what the activities are, but they're a complete surprise for the boys.
I love this time of year!
I'm not nervous about the food linked with this holiday either. My game plan is to focus on family, building traditions and document every step of the way. Yes, I have some baking planned. I think it's important to spend that time with the boys. I just don't have to eat all that baking. Whatever isn't eating within a couple of days of baking will be given away to the neighbours. I've been giving baked goods to our neighbours since we first moved in. And if Hubby gets the meat, cheese and nuts gift basket he got from work last year again this year, we'll be giving that away too. It's all the processed meats, cheeses (which are amazing, but too much for us) and different kinds of nuts (chocolate covered, candy covered, salt covered).
I'm looking forward to seeing Christmas through the eyes of my boys. I'm looking forward to seeing Monkey and (dragged along) Hubby in the Santa Claus parade on Saturday. I'm looking forward to decorating the tree, the house and sticking Muffin in an elf costume just because I can. Last year, he was dressed like Santa, but I bought it too big and the pants kept falling off him. I bought, in October, 3-6 months, since he was 3 and a half months old by Christmas. I didn't know my teenie, tiny baby would stay teenie, tiny for a long time. He was still floating in 0-3 month clothing by then. Monkey grew super fast; and he still is! Muffin, I think is pretty normal, but he feels so much tinier than his brother. By 14 months, Monkey was 30 pounds and as tall as most 3 year olds. Muffin is 14 months right now and weighs a mere 21 pounds. Huge difference in my boys, other than their faces. They look so much alike, other than one has brown hair and the other is a blond.
I'm totally rambling now.
I'm sorry.
Like I was saying, I am looking forward to every bit of Christmas. The food is in the background. It's not a concern at all. I am worried about getting in enough exercise though. I'm just going to have to make sure I make the time. Schedule it in, if I have to. I have to work hard at making my new, perfect on me right now, jeans a little too big come Christmas time. It's a little mini goal I've set for myself.
Now that my Christmas stuff is almost ready to go, I want to start thinking of the new year. I don't believe in resolutions, but I do believe in making goals. I'm going to have to sit down and determine what I want to achieve in 2012.

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