Saturday, October 29, 2011

Raynaud's Phenomenon

Many years ago, I was diagnosed with Raynaud's Phenomenon. It's a condition that has to do with my blood circulation.
It was pretty bad when I was in my teens. I didn't have too many problems by the time I hit my 20's. Lately though, it's been acting up.
When I was younger, it was my hands that were affected. I'm used to it being mostly my fingers that go numb and sore. So when my toes went numb, I didn't put two and two together. My doctor did though.
At least, that's what he thinks it is. He's thinking of running some testes to rule out other issues.
Raynaud's Phenomenon is a pain in the butt, hands and feet, but I will still be happy to hear that the numbness in my toes is due to it rather than something else more serious.

Yesterday's Overview

Breakfast: Soft Pretzel and coffee (9pts! Yikes!)
Lunch: Soup (5pts)
Dinner: Broccoli quiche with a salad (12pts)
Snacks: Apple, goldfish crackers (4pts)
Pop: One glass (Hubby finally brought up the bottle from downstairs. I'm weak with it up here. I think I should set up a challenge for myself)

Excerise: 6km walk; 40 minutes cardio

I ended up walking a grand total of 12km yesterday; 6km being when I was out for a walk with my  youngest, Muffin. I'm proud of that. If it's not rainning today, I plan to be back out there for another long walk. Maybe I'll talk DH into walking to the grocery store today. We don't need to buy much. We could easily carry what we need back home.

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