Thursday, October 13, 2011

Liquid Intake

I love me some good coffee.
I wasn't always a coffee drinker. I didn't start drinking it until after Monkey was born. I had the odd sugar filled, full fat latte at Starbucks. Or an Iced Cap from Tim Horton's. Other than that, I thought coffee was gross. My ex finance and I didn't even have a coffee maker. Our parents had to swing by Tim Horton's before coming over for a visit because they knew all we had was water and Coke.
Somewhere, after a late night of teething I'm sure, I tried coffee. Still gross. So I added a lot of sugar and a lot of cream. Better. Then I tried flavoured Coffee Mate. I was in Heaven!
For almost four years now, I've been drinking coffee. I've got myself down to less sugar and Coffee Mate (or milk if I'm out and about; although I don't like it as much). I start my mornings out with one or two mugs of the wonderful stuff. Sometimes hubby and I enjoy a coffee with a splash of Bailey's in it after dinner.
Since being on Weight Watchers, I've cut down on the high point coffees. I went the summer without having a single Iced Cap. See? I didn't count points all summer long because I totally lost my motive and yet, I still watched what I was eating and drinking without realizing it.
I did have the odd treat of iced coffee (made with milk instead of cream. Better for you and, in my opinion, it tastes better). My trips to Starbucks has come down a lot too. Easy since I don\t have a Starbucks in my town. I have to go into the city for one. Who's going to drive 45 minutes one way just for coffee? I head down to the city maybe once every two months or so. Shopping, doctor's appointments, etc. I let myself get a Starbucks every second trip or so. Sometimes not even that much if I'm heading down there more than usual. And when I do treat myself, it's a non-fat, no whip version of my favourite drinks. Good thing I prefer no whip, or I might feel like I'm losing out on something. I really don't like whipped cream on any drink. But I'm the weirdo who doesn't even like marshmellows in my hot chocolate.
As much as I love my mug of coffee. I can easily go without it. I'm not one of those people who claim they need their morning coffee. I don't need it. I just enjoy it. And since it costs me less points than a chocolate bar and gives me the same satisfaction, I like to have my mug of coffee so I don't eat the box of Smarties I have hidden away for Monkey.

I've written a lot about coffee. But what about other drinks? If you're familiar with Weight Watchers, then you know that any drink counts for your water intake. I don't like that. I like water. I don't like losing points to drinks. I give up some already for my coffee; I don't want to lose more. I was never a big juice drinker. I hate orange juice. Wha? Wait! -- No whip cream on drinks, no marshmellows in hot chocolate and hating orange juice! -- Told ya I was weird. I did find Diet Blueberry Cocktail that I like once and a while. It's only 10 calories per serving. I think I've bought it twice.
I like a few Crystal Light flavours. I think I pour one into my bottle of water at least 3-4 times a week.
I favour water. Plain, old water. I always have. Another weird quirk, I prefer my water out of a bottle, but I will drink tap water. Our's tastes fine. So I buy bottled water, and reuse the bottles until they've been completely trashed. My boys are picking up on it too. We have bottles with everyone's names on them so we know who's is who's. We've been working on the same pack of 24 bottles since September. There's still five unopened bottles.
I do love diet pop. Pop is my downfall. I've been drinking diet for years. There is a taste difference. I prefer the diet. Hubby loves pop more than I do. We were drinking up to one 2L of pop a day! Yikes! We're down to one bottle a week. I made a silly little rule for myself. I had to get in my water (8 bottles) before I allowed myself to drink one cup of my fizzy delight. After months of doing this, I noticed on nights I drank the pop, I would go to bed and wake up feeling bloated.
For the past week, if I want pop, I have it in the early afternoon. I'm still getting in my water. And I haven't felt bloated.
Now a good person would give up the pop completely. I can't. It's my little thing. I've given up a lot of my loves just because I know I can't stop once I start. So I'm not giving up my pop.

Let's look at how I did yesterday.

Day's Overview

Breakfast: Nothing (Bad! I know, but my stomach was really upset in the morning)
Lunch: Hard boiled egg, english muffin, 1 oz low fat cheese, dijion mustard, mixed greens salad with olive oil dressing (8pts)
Dinner: Chili over a baked potato - recipe here (9pts)
Snacks: Apple, chips and my mom's homemade salsa (9pts)

Exercise: 4.4kms walk; 25 minutes cardio

Now go have a glass (or bottle) of water and have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't like coffe much either until a few years ago. I LOVE the flavored coffee mates too. Yummy!