Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rest Day

Yesterday was my workout rest day. I was so sore from Monday's workout, I was glad. But I didn't stop moving. I bundled up the kids and when out for a 5K walk. It felt great! I love fall days. The trails were beautiful; full of colours and busy animals getting ready for the winter months ahead. The temp was the perfect degree of cool. We weren't cold, but we weren't overheated either. It was, in my humble opinion, the perfect day for a walk.
I live in a small town. Our trail is the old railway; tracks removed. My oldest, Monkey, loves crossing over the old train bridge on the trail. I secretly love it too. We live almost right beside part of the trail. If we go one way, we pop out beside Monkey's school. If we go the other way...Well, I'm not too sure how far out it goes. I've never gone all the way to the end.
On top of my walk, I danced with my youngest, Muffin, and I stretched whenever I could. The more I moved, the less I felt the burn in my bottom from the workout on Monday. I know it's a good pain, but I don't enjoy it at all.
I stayed well within my WW points for the day. I don't have much of a problem there unless I'm visiting my mother. She loves to have treats all over the place and opens a bottle of wine as soon as I walk through the down. I do my best, but I am only human; I slip up sometimes.

Day Over Run

Breakfast: 2 mugs of coffee and an apple (3pts)
Lunch: Black bean and salsa quesadilla ; 1 serving of crispy minis (7pts)
Dinner: Mushroom and Spinach calzone, WW recipe (7pts)
Snacks: Goldfish crackers; netarine; apple (2pts)
Treat: Beer with dinner (5pts)

Workout: 5K walk

Yesterday was a good day. Here's to today!

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