Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Yesterday's hospital visit was a heck of a lot better than last time. Muffin is on the right track this time. His doctor says he's looking good and doesn't have to go back in for another follow up appointment until January. Yay!
I did learn that there is a chance he'll have to go through another surgery when he's older. The doctor guessed somewhere around the teen years. But it's just a chance. Doesn't mean it will happen.

Yesterday was a total write off for healthy eating. I stayed within my WW daily points, but I didn't really try to. It just happened that way. But I said my mother likes to push me towards unhealthy foods. She's super skinny, always has been. The lowest weight I have ever known my mother to be was 101 pounds at 5'6". Since her back injury (which got her discarded from the military when I was 16) and her battles with cancer, she is now the heaviest I have ever seen her at 117. She can eat whatever she wants. Always has been able to. Me, not so much.
So, yesterday while we were taking a shopping break in Kitchener, mom decided to bring pizza home for my dad. It was his birthday. Pizza Hut is his absolute favourite resturant. Mom bought a pizza for him and wanted to get one for Hubby and I too.
I debated and finally decided what the heck; why not. It's been forever since I had pizza I didn't make myself. I picked out the Grilled Chicken Arrabiatta. Check it out...

I geared myself up to spend 10 points per slice. It ended up being only 6 points! And it was really, really good. The marinated tomato slices were my favourite part. I think I could eat a bucket of them. I order mine without the onions, but that's a person preference thing.

Yesterday's Over View

Breakfast: 2 slices of toast with a touch of honey (6pts)
Lunch: 2/3 banana (0 pts) -- I didn't like anything the hospital had, so I ate the banana Muffin decided he didn't want. Not the best choice, but at least it wasn't something high in points.
Dinner: Pizza (18pts)
Snacks: 2 coffees from two different places (5pts)

Exercise: No workouts since I was in a car or in the hospital for most of the day, but I still got over 10,000 steps on my pedometer. Yay! Chasing kids around helps a ton.

I'm almost looking forward to my cardio workout today. Oh my...Did I just say, er, type that?

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Kimberly said...

so glad your son is on the right track.

I cannot beleive that pizza is only 6 points per slice. Amazing!