Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Surprise Guests

My parents surprised us with a little visit last night. Of course, they choose to come over the day I was too lazy to wash the breakfast and lunch dishes. My kitchen was a mess! But since they went to my sister's house for Thanksgiving, it was nice to see them. The boys were so excited to see their beloved grandparents. And over the moon to see their cool motorcycle. Getting in a last ride before it goes into storage for the winter.
I had plenty of food; I asked my parents to stay for dinner. Garlic lemon tuna burgers. They were tasty; I would do them again. I used my parents to unload some pumpkin brownies leftover from our Thanksgiving. If they eat them, I won't. Muffin went inbetween grandparent begging for bites of the yummy brownie. He's such a chocolate lover already.
I didn't get in any cardio yesterday. My back was still hurting too much. I don't want to risk hurting myself more. I did take the boys out for a bit of a walk.

Day Overview

Breakfast: 1 1/2 mugs of coffee (3pts) - not healthy, but I didn't feel like eating this morning
Lunch: Ginger apple squash soup (4pts)
Dinner: Garlic lemon tuna burger with a salad and olive oil dressing (9pts)
Snacks: Apple, pumpkin brownie, another coffee (6pts)

Exercise: 4.4km walk

Today, I might give some Zen Yoga a try to work out my sore muscle.

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