Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Foods and Other Rambles

Another long day a head of me. We're off to McMaster Children's Hospital for Muffin's followup to last week's appointment.
My mother has volunteered to go down to Hamilton with me and the kids. She's such a help! I can leave Monkey in the waiting room with her, to play with the toys while Muffin and I see the doctor. She came along with me last week too. The doctor was so relieved to see I had a ride and wasn't the one driving. He was worried about me more than Muffin when I almost went down. Guess I was still pretty pale leaving the room with him.
Whenever a day of travel comes up, I worry about lack of excerise and food choices. I don't worry too much when I'm with Hubby. I know he'll keep me on the right path; as well as we can. And I keep him on his path. "Do you think the Baconator is a good idea?" A question I think I've asked more than twice. I'm all up for bacon. I love the stuff. I always say I could live comfortabilly as a vegetarian if I didn't have to give up bacon or cheeseburgers. A good bacon cheeseburger is a guilty pleasure of mine. Now I know I can have my bacon cheeseburger. Just once a month (if that) is more than plenty.
Now, traveling with my mom and the kids is a different story. Mom is always pushing me towards non healthy foods. Or if I find something healthy to eat, she tells me she's proud of me and then either pushes her leftovers or the kids leftovers on me. Or suggests dessert; something she hardly ever has. When I was growing up, dessert was a once in a blue moon treat. Mom and Dad viewed dessert as a reward for eatting your dinner. They didn't believe in giving out rewards for things we were just supposed to do.
I guess Hubby and I share the same vision as far as desserts go. We never have them. Unless his other two kids are here. Then I bake up a storm. Cupcakes, cakes, pies, treats, treats, treats. The other two are used to processed crap food. Their mother doesn't really cook. Mac and cheese from a box, frozen processed meats, hot dogs, grilled cheese and lots of frozen french fries. They're super picky and if it doesn't come from the frozen food area or in a box, they won't eat it. Hubby and I are very different. We make most of our food from scratch. Homemade chicken nuggets, hot dogs only at lunch time (and for the kids. I don't like hot dogs and they're high in points anyway). The two older kids don't like eating at our house because we make them try new things. So I bake and have dessert siting on the counter, staring at them, daring them to eat their dinner so they can have a piece of that homemade peanut butter cup tart, or whatever it might be.
I didn't offer any desserts this summer when they were here. I think they missed them. But we took them to Disney World where they ate their weight in ice cream every day.
If you ever take your kids to Disney World, most of the buffets offer mac and cheese (our kids said it was the best they have ever had. They had some every day I think) and build your own sundae bars. Our kids were in Heaven.
So today I will walk as much as possible and hope to find some healthy food to eat for lunch.

Yesterday's Overview

Breakfast: Muffin (5pts)
Lunch: Soup and french bread (7pts)
Dinner: Sausage, mash potatoes, yucky peas (9 pts) (and in case you're wondering, I hate peas!)
Snacks: French bread with butter (4pts)

Excerise: 2.5 mile walk; 45 minutes Cardio

And lastly...Did you notice? Did you? The tracker up top? 48 pounds to go until goal!

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