Monday, October 17, 2011


I won't deny it.
Not at all.
I'll scream it from the roof, if you want me to.
I hate exercise.
I'm willing to bet it's because I'm lazy and flabby.
But I am doing it.
I force myself.
Because I know it'll get me to my goal of a healthy weight.
And I want to be more fit. Changing my diet alone isn't going to help me get fit.

When I first decided it was time to lose the extra mushiness around my middle (and hips, and bottom, and thighs, etc), I changed the way I ate first. And the pounds came off. Then it became harder to lose the weight. What did I do about it? I complained. Yep, I did. Real mature, eh?
When I started my weight loss, so did Hubby. He gained weight right along side of me through my pregnancies. Together, as a couple, we started cooking, trying new foods and became total foodie wannabes. Our four year old knows all the chefs on Food Network.
So Hubby started eating like me. I know he cheats at work though. He eats out every Friday. Dips into the box on donut day. And drinks a lot of coffee and pop while he's there. And then he comes home and works out. He's down over 30 pounds since he started out. He's looking good. He has about 10 more pounds he wants to lose. So now he's doing a mix of cardio, strenght and weight training.
I have always been attracted to him, since before we were an item and just friends. Now he's getting a smoking hot body for me to enjoy.
He's one of my inspirations. He's one of the people who made me realize complaining about not losing weight wasn't going to help. Every time I drag my feet to getting to my workout, I think of him. He's getting all hot for me; I want to be hot for him. Vain? Yes. But it's helping me.

Not much to report for the weekend as far as food and exercise go. I walked as much as possible and ate well. I enjoyed some wine one night and a small glass of beer last night, but stayed completely within my points. I'm looking forward to a good weigh in tonight. I think I'll be making some changes on my ticker up top!

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