Friday, October 7, 2011

Hospital Day

It's might be possible that this guy is the cutest man to ever wear a hospital gown.

Or maybe that's just my humble Mommy opinion.

Yesterday, I was a bundle of nerves. The day we knew has been coming for 13 months, since he was born, had finally arrived. My little Muffin was born with a little birth defect. Nothing major. It didn't effect him in any way. Still his team of doctors agreed it had to be fixed before it became a problem in the future. He was put on a long waiting list when he was four months old.

I ended up doing more walking yesterday than I thought I was going to. I still managed to get in over 9,000 steps. I guess I paced a lot since I spent 4 hours in the van driving to and from the hospital. I also made sure to take the stairs whenever I could.

Yesterday was a wash for healthy eating too. Since Muffin wasn't allowed to eat past 7am, Hubby and I didn't either. Half a toast was all I managed to get down since we were pretty busy. The hospital had horrible looking salads. Really, who wants to eat brown edge lettuce? The soup didn't look appealing either. So a cheeseburger it was. I was too busy thinking of my tiny man to enjoy my lunch anyway. We didn't get home until close to 10pm; so a handful of crackers were dinner.

Today I'm making up for the unhealthy eating habits I had yesterday. I'm not upset about how I ate yesterday. Not every day can be perfect. I can accept that and move on.

Here's to today and a speedy recovery for my Muffin.

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