Monday, October 24, 2011

Plus Size?

I read a blog earlier that commented that size 12 was plus size.
Are you freaking kidding me?
I looked it up and the average dress size for women in North America is size 14.
I'm not saying that size 14 is perfect. I believe the perfect size for anyone is the size they are when they are healthy.
My little sister was really sick a couple of years ago. She was sick for over a year before she finally had surgery to fix her problem. She went from a healthy, fit, wearing a size 5 to the point that size 0 was too big for her. She was a walking skeleton. She had no fat on her; and no muscle tone. Two months after her surgery, I had Muffin. She couldn't hold his little 7 pound self for more than 5 minutes without her arms starting to shake. She was so unhealthy.
How many women out there do that same thing to theirselves willingly? I could easily bet thousands.

This is a size 12 model. 

This is a size 0 model.
Which one looks unhealthy to you?

My sister is back on track, over a year after surgery. She's still really thin, but she's gained enough that she doesn't look sickly anymore. Her boyfriend is a big health nut. He loves working out and eating well. He has a major sweet tooth, but he hits the gym a lot. I'm sure he'll take care of her.
When I started my weight loss journey, I was a size 18. Or at least, I told myself I was a size 18. Looking back, my pants were very tight. I mentally refused to let myself wear anything larger. I refused to believe that 18 was plus size. In my head, plus size was 20. A size not found in most stores. I wouldn't step foot into a plus size store. That would be admitting I was plus size; although I was.
I can admit it now. Now that those size 18 pants I was wearing are now too big. Now that the size 16 pants I am wearing are too big. Now that my size 14 pants from 5 years ago fit again.
I don't know what my "perfect" dress size will be. I don't even really know what number on the scale is right for me. Yes, I'm shooting to be 48 pounds lighter than I am right now, but I don't know if that's the right number for me. I had to set a goal, so I did. I went off of what the BMI scale said is healthy for me.
I just want to be healthy. If I can get myself fit too, that's awesome. That's what I'm working towards. Healthy and fit.
And if I can look and feel great in a sexy little black dress, that's an extra Hubby can enjoy as well.

Yesterday's Overview

Breakfast: Apple (0pts)
Lunch: Roast beef wrap with lots of fresh veggies and more veggies on the side (6pts)
Dinner:  Falafel burger in a pita with (too many yummy homemade) potato wedges (22pts!)
Snacks: none
Pop: one glass

Excerise: No full on workout, but I ran up and down both sets of stairs all day long doing laundry and stuff.

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Barbara said...

size 0 is just crazy!!! I had never heard of size 0 until about 10 years ago.
When I was a teen sinze 5 was considered tiny.