Friday, October 21, 2011

This Boy

I got to go to this cutie's classroom today for 30 minutes. I met his teacher who raved about him. He already knows his alphabet, he can count to 100 (and beyond), he can write his name and he knows his colours and shapes. All the things his teacher is teaching the junior kindergarten class. She's teaching the senior kindergarten students (it's a split class) sight words. To work together as a class, the teacher decided to teach the junior kindergarteners how to "read" a story looking at the pictures. My monkey got to get up and hold the book. He then read the book, word for word, to the class. Shocked his teacher.
Monkey loves to learn. Always has. He's been begging to go to school since he was two. When he turned three, we put him into a program called Best Start. It's a daycare for kids getting ready to start school. It gets them used to what school will be like. I was home; it was money we really could have used for other things; but he loved it so much. It was worth it. He went only two days a week. It takes place in his current school. So when he started jk this year, the only thing he wasn't used to was taking the bus. I drove him to and from the school the year before.
I walked out of Monkey's classroom having a very proud Mommy Moment. I thought it was just my bais Mommy thinking he was a smartie, but I guess not. His teacher said he's one of the brightest in her whole class. And he's super polite too. Thank goodness! Feels like all he does is pick fights with his baby brother here at home.
Yes, I'm very proud of my darling big boy.
I am very glad I got this chance to go spy on his class and talk to his teacher.

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