Friday, October 28, 2011

Bad Day Turn Around

I traveled to the city yesterday. Those are days I almost dread because I know I never eat as good as should.
We left early to get to the baby's doctor appointment. Side note: he had surgery a couple of weeks ago; he wasn't healing right and it had to be corrected; now he's doing well, but his doctor wanted to see him just to make sure. Good news; he's still looking good. Poor thing got his flu shot yesterday though.
After the appointment, my mother and I took the boys shopping. I found an awesome pair of winter boots. Needed them since my old boots fell apart last year. The soles fell right off! That's what I get for buying super cheap boots. I didn't spend an arm and a leg yesterday, but they cost more than $13 like my last pair did.
I found a great pair of dress pants too. Perfect for the holiday season coming up. They're black with grey and purple plaid running lightly through them. Perfect to pair up with my white sweater or a white dressy tank and light black cardigan. Perfect to wear to my inlaw's party.
Well, perfect if they still fit by then. I'm thinking they will, but secretly hope they won't and I'll need to go out and find another perfect pair of pants.
I need jeans badly, but didn't find any I liked enough to buy. They need to be super cheap, but still look nice. I don't want to spend too much for something I don't plan on having in my closet for long.
For lunch, we stopped at Wendy's. Normally I would get a small chilli and a baked potato. I didn't yesterday. I got a spicy chicken and a baked potato instead. And I enjoyed! Still no pop though. I had water instead.
We were home by dinner. Since I didn't pull anything out the night before, I made veggie omelettes for everyone. Then we had dessert. Something we normally don't have, but my mom dragged me into an European bakery while we were in the city. She treated the boys to halloween cookies and bought a piece of cake for Hubby and I to share. It was so good!
Then, since we had it in the house and enjoy it, Hubby and I had a glass of wine once the boys were down for the night. It was nice to sip at as I finished up Monkey's halloween costume (he's going to be train tracks) and put together 20 little treat bags for his halloween party at school today. Gummies and little rubber rats. Monkey is so excited to hand them out to his little classmates.
Today, I am focusing on getting back OP.
I have a good start so far. After getting Monkey onto the bus this morning, Muffin and I went for a walk. I pushed that stroller as fast as I could for 6km. Now we're working on warming up and getting ready for lunch. After lunch, when Muffin goes down for his nap, I will do my cardio workout. I'm aiming for 45 minutes today. Maybe I'll push myself for a full hour.

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