Monday, December 5, 2011

Hello Monday

The weekend is over. Hello, Monday. I’m almost glad to see the beginning of a new week. Not that last week was a bad one; my weekend was just a little busy. I’m almost glad to be back to my boring weekday. Today is a light day for me.
This weekend, it felt like we were always on the go. My parents picked up the boys Saturday morning so Hubby and I could go Christmas shopping for the kids. Monkey is just about done. His big things are taken care of. He still needs some little things that I can take out of packaging and wrap up; at his age it’s all about quantity. The more the better. I was going to get him some Pokemon stuff. He’s interested in them because of his older brother, my step son, Rugrat Boy. I think Monkey is too young for the cards, but I have no idea what to get him started with as far as the toys go. Rugrat Girl (step daughter) and Rugrat Boy are into Monshimonster too. I thought about getting some of that stuff for Monkey, but the toys are small (choking hazard for Muffin) and we have so many stuffies hanging around I don’t want to get those. I am at a loss. I’ll come across something I’m sure.
Muffin is almost done as far as Christmas goes too. There’s an Elmo plate and bowl I want to get him and that’s it.
The Rugrats need a few more things. We want to get them Skylanders. It looks so cool. I want one for at my house! I’m thinking sometime after Christmas we’ll get one for our place. Hubby needs to talk to his ex about the game. We’re not sure what gaming system they have at their house. I think they have all the systems because they tend to have all the latest toys, but we just want to make sure we get the game for the system their mother thinks is best. Rugrat Girl needs a gift card to Old Navy so she can pick out her own clothes. And we want to get a bunch of Chapters gift cards in $5 values so we can wrap them individually. The kids get a kick out of it; I wrap them in different size boxes so they never know when one is going to pop up. Some end up in the tree and they have to find them.
So, lots of walking around shopping on Saturday. Hubby took me to this little Lebanese place he goes to once a month with some co-workers. Since I had never had Lebanese food before, I let him order for me. Oh, my word! It was amazing! I only ate about half the plate, but I was stuffed. I savoured every bite. I am totally taking my mom there to share a plate with her. I know she’ll love it, and I want to go back.
Sunday was house decorating day. Our tree is up and trimmed; the advent calendar is up; the Christmas art work Monkey has done over the years are on display; my custom snow globe with Monkey’s picture in it is out. I’ll be making another snow globe with Muffin’s picture in it too.
We also pruned through the sea of toys, cleaned the house and washed all the laundry. All that’s left to do is a Sally Ann run so some of our old toys might find new homes for Christmas. My basement is almost usable again. That feels good.
Today, Monkey is in school; I have no daycare kids; Muffin and I are spending the day cuddling, reading, colouring, playing and napping. With only two hours of sleep under my belt, I can use that nap today. I don’t even want to go to my meeting tonight, I’m so tired. But I will. I’m curious about the changes to the program. I read about them on the US site, but I haven’t seen any changes to the Canadian site, as of yet. I’m curious to know where I’m going to be for daily points.

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