Friday, January 6, 2012

Kitchen Gear

I am a self proclaimed foodie wannabe.
I love spending time in my kitchen.
I love finding and trying new recipes.
When we bring home new kitchen gadgets and tools, Hubby and I get as giddy as Monkey gets over a new Thomas train.
Our kitchen isn’t full of big gadgets though. I don’t feel the need for them.
I came across a list of basic kitchen needs that caught my interest. It got me thinking of what I have in my own kitchen.

Good quality knives -- I totally agree! We’ve invested in some great knives that Hubby keeps nice and sharp. A great knife makes all the difference.
Food processor and/or mini chopper -- They claim that this speeds up prep time. Sure they do. But how much extra time does it take you to clean up afterwards? I have a food processor my mother in law gave us. I’ve used it once in six years! I find it’s easier just to use my knife to cut everything up. Less mess to clean up afterwards.
Veggie steamer -- I have a rice/veggie steamer I use all the time. I love it!
Metal racks - tp prevent meat from sitting in grease. I use my baking cooling racks all the time for this. And my broiler rack too.
Good quality pans with fitting lids -- I don’t have lids for all my pots and pans. I’ve been known to cover my favourite non-stick pan with my pizza pan when I need to cover something
Roasting pans - I only have one small one. I’ve been eyeing up some bigger ones
casserole dishes with lids - I love my casserole dishes! Use them all the time.
Nonstick bake ware - Is there anything better? I think not.
Mixing bowls - I have a set of glass bowls in different sizes. Love them.
Measuring cups - I use mine daily.
Grater - Love my grater! It’s from Ikea

Electric mixer - I just have a little handheld one. Half the time I forget I have it.
Rubber Spatulas - Awesomeness on a stick.
Silpat Sheets - I use mine a lot
Storage containers and food wrap - I’m slowly buying Rubbermaid’s glass containers with the stacking lids. I love them.
You can cook food in them, serve food in them and store leftovers in them. Only problem, the break easier. I plan on keeping some plastic containers for the boys.

I also love:
Rubber whisk -So I can whisk in my pots and pans without risk of scratching them.
Pretty plates - I love eating off of pretty plates. Mine are simple plates, but in a colour I love; chartreuse. They almost have a vintage feel to them.

Tongs - I love my tongs. There is no easier way to flip and serve food than with tongs.
Hand blender - Quick, simple, easy clean up
Mandolin - These puppies can do all the slicing that a food processor can (not the chopping, though), but I think they’re a little less mess. You just have to wash the blades and make sure you don’t take off a finger or two while using it.
Pizza stone - I have my eye on one that is so pretty that you can use it to serve other foods as well as cook your homemade pizza on. (Also want to share my new favourite pizza sauce with you….Quick pureed fire roasted tomatoes. I don’t puree them smooth. I like it a little chunky. Hubby and I came across it in a recipe and now whenever we make pizza, we use fire roasted tomatoes for our sauce. So good! I don’t miss regular pizza sauce at all)

I love my kitchen stuff!

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