Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

We ended 2011 with our computer needing to be fixed three or four times. It's been annoying to no ends. I've uploaded my Christmas pictures onto the computer twice now. Right now, they're on the camera and not on the computer because they've been wiped off the computer twice now.  .

The only pictures I have available to share are Instagram ones that made it to Facebook. I got an iPod touch for Christmas from my parents and I am totally hooked on it. To say I love Instagram is a total understatement. And I totally understand the addiction power of Angry Birds now. Hubby, Monkey and I are all newly addicted.

Mr Muffin (chewing on something, darn teething) and Grandma's Christmas Tree
Muffin and his beloved Grandpa. No one can come between Muffin and his Grandpa.

Little People play. Muffin loves his Little People. Makes me so happy because I loved Little People when I was a kid.

 This picture makes me smile.Who doesn't love a picture of a baby in Daddy's glasses. I wish I would have gotten the shot when Muffin was wearing them without help. But I'll take what I can get. 

Charlie Cat. He was keeping me company one night when I was hiding in my bedroom, playing with my new toy.

Monkey got Once Upon a Monster for the Kinect. He can't play when Muffin is awake because Muffin gets in the way. Muffin is crazy for Elmo and Grover. He screamed in delight over Rock Elmo and Super Grover Christmas morning. This game went well over with Monkey too. And I must admit, I play it too with Monkey. It's super cute.

Mommy and smiley teething baby. I was trying to get a picture of Muffin being overly cuddly and sucky (because he was! Darn teething), but as soon as he realized I was taking his picture he started smiling (through the soother) and saying "cheese!" As soon as he sees a camera he says "cheese" now. It's cute. 

At Grandma's house, waiting for bunch to start. I think he was hungry.

The only non iPod picture I have here. And it's only because I manged to upload this one to facebook before it was wiped off the computer. Monkey steals my iPod. And Muffin steals it too. (side note: my walls need to be painted. I'm so sick of this blah colour that everything blends into. I'm going to paint them a steel blue grey)

Bring out food, and kids will come swarming! Hubby is holding a meat, cheese. fruit and cracker platter there. All four kids came running as soon as he sat down. 

Littlest brother with biggest brother. One on his DSi and the other on his travel Mega Doodle. 

Meltdown mode

Hubby and the older kids getting in some video game time.

The day Hubby went to pick up the older two kids, Grandma stopped by with McDonald's for dinner. Chicken nuggets and fries for the boys; a latte and salad for me.

And that has been the past week in a nutshell. I have more, better, pictures. But, like I said, they're on my camera instead of on the computer. Maybe, if the computer behaves, I'll get my pictures uploaded someday, printed and then I can scrap them.
I'd be happy to scrap anything right now. I've finished one page in one month. That's it. I used to scrap two layouts a week! I miss scrapbooking. I'm going to have to make more time for it.

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