Sunday, January 8, 2012


A new year brings on new beginnings. 
Or so people say.
Most people are full of resolutions. Promising to go to the gym, work off that extra weight. Promising to get themselves more organized. Promising to clean through their closets and cupboards. Out with the old; in with the new. 
I didn't make any resolutions this year. I just break them. I have nothing I want to change. I just want to stay on the course I'm on. 
I am cleaning out the closets though. 
Monkey and Muffin have both gone through growth spurs. One is wearing kids size 6. The other is now wearing 18-24 months. Some clothes have been put away, but a lot of them are awaiting a trip to the Salvation Army. It's a good thing my mother went over board on new clothes for Christmas for the boys or their closets would be bare. 
I'm weeding through Hubby's closet too. He's still wearing his old sweaters and shirts. Way too big on him! And any pants that can't stay up when with the help of a belt have got to go.
My closet needs help too. I've worked my way from my super fat clothes right down to my pre-baby clothes from 5 years ago. Now most of them are too big on me. I'm in need of some new clothes. Yeah for the Old Navy gift card Hubby and I got for Christmas! 
Hubby already bought up a bunch of workout clothes during the Boxing Day sales at Old Navy. I picked up a pair of pants I already own (and love) in the next size down so they're waiting for me when I get there.
Today, I did a little more Old Navy shopping, spending more of that awesome gift card. 
I decided to pick up this dress....

A green and white wrap dress. Awesome for someone losing weight. As I get smaller, I just wrap this dress a little bit more tighter.
I don't have shoes that will rock with this dress. I found these online today:

They're from Aldo. I like both, but I think I'm leaning towards the second shoe.
I also bought some new jeans and some super cheap tank tops for layering.
I love Old Navy! And when they have a sale, it's even better. It's clothes I don't mind buying now and shrinking out of. Not when the price is right to do so.


Melissa Bi. said...

Cute dress! Both shoes are great but I think the second pair (patent leather) are a bit more fun :) Both are neutral enough to be very versatile.

Barbara said...

that dress is adorable!
so both pairs of shoes - sigh - I wish I could wear heels