Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Very little bit

Down 2.8lbs on the scale last night. I'll admit it...I was thinking "if I didn't eat that chocolate bar I could have been down 3."

Over all, a loss is a loss and I am happy about it. I'll take every 0.1 pound loss that I can. In the long run, those tiny ounces will add up to my ultimate weight loss. They'll help get me to my goal.
Healthy meals planned out for today. Lunch is a yummy salad. Dinner tonight is spaghetti squash with homemade sauce. Strength training tonight at the gym after Monkey #1's soccer practice.
My challenge today will be this afternoon. My van is going in for some repairs. I have all three boys with me today. Monkey #1's school doesn't do full day kindergarten yet. He's on an A day, B day schedule. He doesn't go to school Tuesdays or Thursdays and every other Monday. The repair shouldn't take longer than an hour or two. There's not much around the repair shop. My plan is to take the boys over to McDonald's to get them a smoothie (small smoothies are $1 this week). My plan of attack is to bring my own water with me. And maybe an apple.
If I really want a smoothie, I will tell myself I can make my own at home tonight post workout. Then I know what's going into it. Plus I make mine non dairy. I use coconut cream instead of milk or yogurt. I know what fruit is going into it. And I can use honey or stevia instead of sugars if I want it sweeter.
I'll focus on my goals instead of thinking about what I might be missing. 

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