Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Down 2.4 pounds at last night's weigh-in!
I am very proud of myself. I wanted to cave and eat a ton of junky comfort food yesterday. I didn't. I still want to run to food for comfort, but I won't. Instead, I will spend time with my mom. Comfort her in anyway I can. Give my dad a break from being her caregiver for a few hours. I will spend time with my sister; who is way too young to be losing her mother! I whine that I'm 31 and too young to be losing her. My sister turns 23 on Thursday. Mom was able to see her baby get married in December. We all wish she could be here to meet her baby's babies. I'm willing to bet my sister will have that granddaughter my mom wanted so badly.
And after I spend time with my favorite women, I will go straight to the gym. Today is a cardio day. I will hop onto that treadmill (or elliptical if none of the treadmills are available) and I will run. I will run until I cannot run anymore. I will run until my thoughts are more straight. I will run for mental comfort. I will run until my legs and feet are too sore for me to run to food for comfort.
Then I will run home to the comfort of Hubby's arms.
I will find comfort in other ways than food. Then maybe next week I will see another 2 pound loss. After all, summer is fast approaching. I would like to fit into my summer clothes from 2 years ago. I didn't wear them last summer since I was 6, 7 and 8 months pregnant then. I'd love to pull out those shorts and have them fit. Or better yet, be too big and have to go shopping!

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