Wednesday, May 1, 2013

beautiful day

It's a dark day, but a beautiful day all at the same time.
Today, the family is meeting with a funeral director to go over plans for my mom. Getting her ducks in a row before the dreadful day comes and she loses her battle with cancer. 
I've decided not to sit at home and think about what's to come. After I got Monkey #1 onto the school bus, I strapped the littles into the stroller and set out on a run. And it SUCKED! 
This was my first time attempting to run with the stroller. I have a somewhat of a jogging stroller. I have a Phil & Teds with the second seat.
(yes, that's my stoller and my 3 monkeys. Picture taken this morning. 
The pirate hat monkey sits in the seat below)
 I figured I've been doing really well at the gym, why not take the kids for a spin. Oh! My! Gosh! It's was so hard! What the heck? Am I that uncoordinated? Why did my 13 and 28 pound kids suddenly turn into 100 pound bricks of lead? I managed to walk/run 30 minutes before I gave up. Plus Monkey #2's continuous "ahhhhhhhhh" was starting to drive me bonkers. 
I'm glad I tried it. It's something I am going to try again. After all, it's got to get easier, right? I'm happy I did something pre-gym. Tonight I'm heading over there for some strength training. 
Since today is one of the first truly gorgeous days we have had this Spring, the littles and I played outside after our run. I pulled some of the outside toys out of the shed. Monkey #2 was delighted to see the slide, the playhouse, the picnic table, the seesaw and his golf clubs again. Hubby and I are thinking of getting a swing set for the kids this year. It's not set in stone yet since we can't seem to agree on which set. I'm sure I'll just turn around and buy one at some point. I did just that yesterday. Only it was a bike trailer, not a swing set. 

I have not been on a bike in 18 years! When I was 13 the helmet rule came into play. I refused to wear a helmet. So I couldn't ride my bike. I'm stubborn and just stopped riding. Although I do not want to be one of those people who's butt hangs over the side of the tiny bike seat, I am sucking up my pride for my children. Monkey #1 got a brand new bike last week and he's itching to ride it. So far, Hubby and I just run next to him. I can't do that when Hubby is at work.. If I could figure out how to run well with the stroller, I would do that. But instead, I've taken my mom's old bike (it's 15 years old, never used, works fine) and I'm going to attach the bike trailer to it. There's two seats for both the littles in it. Then I'll be able to take my kiddos out for a bike ride whenever we want. I told Hubby my idea three weeks ago. Every time I suggested buying a bike trailer, he hmm and ah over it and we'd walk away with nothing. So I bit the bullet yesterday, bought one and sent him a text saying I need him to build it for me, or he risks me putting it together. I reminded him his babies are going to be in that thing. I'm sure he'll have it built for me this weekend. 
I love how we're becoming an active family. We go for long family walks. We play sports together. The two older kids are both in soccer this year. We go swimming. We will be going biking. Someday maybe we'll run together too.
I'm loving how we've changed. I love how Hubby and I are setting good examples for our kids. Monkey #1 comes to my meetings with me. Not only do I get to spend a little one on one time with him before and after my meeting, he gets to learn why I'm overweight and why I'm working hard to lose that weight. Hopefully he's never in the same boat. Hopefully he'll learn how to eat healthy and same active his whole life. I not only want to be a loving mother, but I want to be an active mother. I want to be a role model for my boys. I think I'm off to a good start. 

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