Thursday, May 16, 2013

Soccer Mom

We all made it to soccer last night to cheer the oldest monkey on. He did awesome! This is his third year in soccer. I can see the improvements from last year already. He has great ball control and is no longer scared to kick the ball with other kids around him. The past two years he wouldn’t try to kick the ball with more than one other kid around in fear of accidently kicking someone else. It took those two years of telling him that’s what the shin guards are for before it sunk in.
I’m very proud of my Monkey boy.

(the two oldest Monkeys on the field, pre game)

(Monkey #2 and myself)


Next week, we start with our double soccer days. Monkey #1 on Wednesdays; Monkey #2 on Thursdays. We weren’t sure if Monkey #2 was going to be allowed to play. The Kiddie Kicker league decided to allow kids born early 2010 to play this year. I went in and talked to the head guy; explaining I have a kid born late 2010 who has a better ball control than his 6 year old brother. I was allowed to sign him up. He’s gone to practice, but hasn’t played a game yet. Well, if you can call what the Kiddie Kickers do as a game. There’s a lot of running off the field, spinning in circles, throwing grass and picking “flowers” (dandelions). Watching Monkey #2 try to sneak onto the field last night to play, I think he’s going to do just fine this year.
Much to our surprise, Monkey #3 was good the whole time we were out. He played with his toy, went between siting in the stroller and sitting in my lap. He checked out grass for the first time. He didn’t mind it.
And then fell asleep in my arms for the last 20 minutes. Even with me cheering his brother on rather loudly.
It felt good to be out there with my kids last night. I have a bunch of tired kids this morning though. I was planning a park adventure for today, but it might have to wait. I thought we could go out for some hardcore play time to work in some activity for myself. Today is my forced rest day from the gym. I say forced because Hubby is out too late on Thursdays; I can’t get to the gym. Well, I could if I want to get there for around 10pm. Honestly, I’d rather crawl into my bed at that time. I only take Monday and Thursday off from the gym, so I don’t feel guilty having a rest day. But I do find I feel lazy. To try to keep from feeling lazy, I try to keep moving.  Hope you’re keeping on the move today too!

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