Sunday, May 19, 2013

Short Long Weekend

While most of Canada is enjoying the long weekend; it just became a normal day here in our house. Hubby had to go into the office today. He’s going in tomorrow too. I joked that last weekend was his long weekend. He took two whole days off then. We enjoyed our day together as a family yesterday. It was busy, but we were together.
We were out the door by 8:30am. We dropped Hubby off at CrossFit, and the boys and I went to Home Sense. I love that store! You never know when you’re going to score there. I went looking for something to add to my kitchen. Purple plant pots, a picture to hang on my huge bare wall, a purple table runner. Something purple. I walked out with a rolling cooler bag. It’s awesome! We can use it for picnics or when we go to the farmers market. The monkeys and I are planning a Father’s Day picnic; the cooler bag will be perfect to hold all the healthy foods we plan on packing. I can’t wait! We live near a great park, so lunch picnics there this summer. And picnic dinners this summer one town over, where there’s a splash pad to let the kids cool off before bedtime. And I’m off topic here. What’s new? Anyways, the boys and I had fun wandering through the store. We were going to wander through the pet store too, but we ran out of time. We had to go pick Hubby back up.
Next stop was Old Navy. I had a list of what we needed to pick up. Shorts for Monkey #1, shirts for Monkey #2, nothing for Monkey #3 although I was sure I would find something (and I did), workout capris for me, shorts and shirts for the ever shrinking Hubby. I didn’t get my capris. All they had left in stock were sizes XS, S and M. My big butt needs a large. Hubby was picky and didn’t like anything there. But we did well for the boys. They’re good to go for the summer now. We also picked up a new pair of sneakers for Monkey #1 at Sport Chek. He loves his new Under Amour shoes. He was running all over the store “testing” them out.
We ate at the mall for lunch. KFC for our popcorn chicken loving skinny boys. New York Fries for Hubby. Amazing chicken shwarma for me. It was so good. I didn’t get potatoes and only ate half the rice. I cut the extra calories where I could. Our next stop was Chapters. Hubby had a list of recommended reads from his trainers at CrossFit. I just spend my Mother’s Day gift card on a bunch of new e-books for my kobo, so I was good to sit up at the train table with the boys. They played while Hubby hunted down books. We also treated ourselves to Starbucks. Mocha Cookie Crumble frap for Hubby, skinny non-fat no whip caramel frap for me and a strawberry & cream (has no caffeine) for the boys to share.
We hit a bunch of other stores just to window shop before deciding to head down to the closest open Target. We haven’t been there yet and I wanted to check it out. The two older monkeys got new sandals there. The littlest monkey got new crib sheets for the crib he isn’t even using yet. He still wakes up so much during the night, I haven’t moved him out of our room yet. I must do that soon. Maybe the new sheets will motivate me to make the move. I eyed up all the great home organization stuff Target has to offer. I’m a sucker for a pretty storage box. I also loaded up the cart with Method cleaning stuff. Anything that offered an Orla Kiely designed bottle. My fave cleaner paired with one of my fave designers; what’s not to love? Spoil sport Hubby made me put them back; pointing out that I had enough cleaning products at home. We know where to come back to get the Orla Kiely bottles, blah, blah, blah. He wouldn’t let me get new sheets or a new duvet cover either. One day he’ll come home and they’ll just be there. Hahaha!
We also checked out a pet store where I fell head over heels for a little morkie puppy. Oh how I wish I hadn’t forgotten the ipod or phone at home so I could have taken a picture of her sweet little face so share. She was the sweetest little puppy. Even Hubby said she got to him too. I begged and begged for her. I’ve been begging for a puppy for two years now. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be a puppy. I’m completely willing to recuse an older dog as long as it’s well behaved and good with kids and cats. I miss having a dog so much.
Other than the heartbreak of leaving the puppy behind, we had a great family shopping day together. I was still talking about the puppy this morning, but I doubt that will lead to Hubby surprising me with her today when he gets home from work.
Now the monkeys and I are off to my parents’ house for the afternoon. Hopefully the older boys will get in outside play with grandpa while I hang out with grandma and the baby. Have a great long weekend!

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