Monday, May 6, 2013

For the Love of Tea

I love tea!
I really, really love DavidsTea! I have a bit of an obsession going on right now. It all started two years ago. Okay; it started longer than two years ago. But two years ago was when I got my first taste of DavidsTea. My now brother-in-law (then sister’s boyfriend) gave me a pack of “dessert” teas for Christmas. I loved them. Drank them up fast. I went online to discover the world of DavidsTeas.
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At first I stuck to the ones I had already tried. Then I got brave and tried new ones. I have come across one that I didn’t like. Chocolate orange. It smelled amazing. But I did not like the taste of it. But, then again, I was only 8 weeks pregnant when I tried it and everything made me gag (or worse) then.
Two months ago, my tea supply was running low. I did what any normal tea crazed person would do. I placed an order. I love that all orders from DavidsTea is only $5. Free if you order over $50! Plus you get three free samples with every online order. Since I love a bargain, I ordered over $50 worth of teas; plus a new tea infuser. When that box comes, the boys and I sit on the floor and smell all the teas, picking our favourites.
I have a cup of tea almost every night. It’s soothing. It also curbs any night cravings I may get. Salty? I drink Movie Night or Salted Caramel. Chocolate? Any of my chocolate teas. Sweet? A current favourite is Copabanana. Comfort? Sleigh Ride; my absolute favourite. I even have Hubby drinking tea now too. Something he said he’d never do. He even asks me to make it some nights. He won’t make it his self. He claims I make the tea better. My mom says the same thing; I make tea better than my dad.
So, yeah, I placed this nice big tea order. Then I remembered my mom’s birthday was coming up. So I decided to get her some tea too. There isn’t much she can do or enjoy these days. I figured tea was the way to go. I got her honey and cinnamon sticks and agave sticks to try. Of course since I was getting her these sticks to try, I had to get some for me too. I wanted to try them too. The honey and cinnamon stick is amazing in Sleigh Ride. There were also a few teas I decided I just had to try. So another $50 order is placed only a few days after the other order.
With that order, I got a coupon for free tea. We happened to be going to the city that weekend. I dragged Hubby and the monkeys into the store. I live about an hour away from the closest DavidsTea store. Hubby works about 15 minutes away from it. We go into the city all the time for shopping, doctor appointments; 5 minutes away from the store is the hospital I had all three of the boys. I shop across the street at Bonnie Togs all the time. Yet that was my first time going into the store. Hubby and I must have smelled twenty or so teas. I got my free tea; Forever Nuts. It’s yummy and turns an awesome shade of pink. I then picked up more agave, Lime Gelato and Coconut Oolong.
Self control…What is that? Apparently I have none when it comes to tea.
My cupboard was overflowing with tea. And I loved it! I discovered I loved having all the different choices. Every day can be different. My afternoon tea and evening tea can be complete opposites.
And now, a month later, my tea collection has quite the dent in it. I would love to place another tea order, but decided to wait until I have more empty tea containers.
If you’re a tea drinker, I highly recommend DavidsTea, if you haven’t tried them already. 

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