Thursday, May 9, 2013

Pass the Pizza

Hubby and I stopped ordering in pizza years ago. We discovered a pizza dough recipe and never looked back. We love trying out different ingredients. For our current favourite pizza, we make the dough, roll it out super flat. I spread on a thin layer of PC blue menu Alfredo sauce, add a little shredded cheese (normally swiss but we do change it up sometimes) and then top with lots of shredded, seasoned, cooked brussel sprouts and a little bacon crumble.
Last night was the school spring concert. We opted to order in pizza as a special treat for the boys. I preplanned my points early in the morning. I knew how much I could eat and what I was going to reach for if I needed more food. I ate my slice and a half with carrots and hummus on the side. It went down well. It tasted so good! After eating it, my stomach felt heavy. I wasn’t full; but it didn’t feel good. It got me thinking….Is pizza worth it? It’s high in points. I could easily eat half a large pizza on my own if I let myself; yet it makes me feel gross to eat one and a half slices.
I don’t know, sounds a little evil to me.
I think I’ll stick to my own pizzas. I make them more WW friendly; and more stomach friendly too I suppose. I’m not saying I will never order in another pizza. That I won’t ever go to Boston Pizza or Pizza Hut again. It will just be a once in a blue moon sort of thing.

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