Tuesday, May 28, 2013


My last post, I complained about my bad choices throughout last week. I was no better on the weekend. I was at my parents' house on Saturday. I stayed clear of the cookies, cake and chips. I didn't have wine. But I did have a diet pop. I used to think it was okay to drink diet pop because it has 0 calories. Learning more about how to eat real foods instead of processed stuff and piles of chemicals, I've almost completely given up my beloved diet cola. I thought I would miss it, but I don't. I do enjoy it (when the bubbles don't burn my nose) a little but more now. I also ate way more steak than I should have at my parents' house. It was so good! Half my plate was meat. Half was baked potato. How bad is that?!?
Sunday, we woke up to a power outage. By the time everyone was up, dressed and ready for our day, the power was back on. Feeling too lazy to make our own coffee, Hubby and I grabbed the stroller and walked the kids over to Tim Horton's. Too lazy to make coffee; not too lazy to walk over a mile to get coffee. I think I need to be that sort of lazy more often. It was such a beautiful morning. We took the trail for part of the way. The older boys collected rocks along the way to drop off the old train bridge. 

Tim's was closed when we got there. There was a note on the door saying they would be opening in 20 minutes. We decided to hang out and wait. Hubby and I were floored with how mad people were getting because they couldn't get their precious coffee. I was more surprised over the people who couldn't wait 5 or 10 minutes and drove off in a huff. Seriously people? You'll wait 5 minutes in line for a coffee, but not 5 minutes outside the doors? When we did finally get in the doors, Hubby got our drinks and a breakfast panini for the boys to share. I took one bite. I thought it was blah. When the boys complained they were still hungry, Hubby bought them a muffin and a bagel with cream cheese for us. I love the jalapeno bagel at Tim's! 
Lunch was hot dogs from outside the grocery store. Not too great of a lunch. After our shopping, and lunch on the go, Hubby and I got antsy and we took the boys into the city. Monkey #1 was eyeing up his faves at the food court when we got to the mall. Instead of caving to fries, we went to Walmart where we picked out snacks there. Less money and less calories. By the time we were ready to head back home it was close to dinner time. We decided to pick up something to bring home. So we headed over to a nearby grocery store and grabbed subs. Not the worst thing out there, but not the greatest either. 
I thought for sure I would be up this week. I've stayed off my home scale all week. I knew I wasn't eating as well as I should have and I didn't want to see the proof. I was pleasantly surprised when I stepped on that scale last night. 2.6lbs down! Wow! I get my next charm for my Pandora bracelet.
(Not necessarily this one. This is the one I've been eyeing up to get in honour of my mother. A pearl because she was originally diagnosed with lung cancer; and a (faux) diamond because that's her birthstone)
Now just because I made poor decisions food wise this past week, does not mean I didn't work hard at the gym. I think I may have pushed myself harder at the gym because of my choices. I ran faster, biked harder, lifted longer; and I got the pay off. Here's to a new week; I'm already off to a good healthy start. I ate well yesterday. No gym since it was my rest day. Today's meal plans are all worked out; they're nice and healthy. And today is a gym day. I'm not looking forward to going out in the rain, but I am looking forward to getting my workout in. Never thought I would ever say that! It feels good to say that.  

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