Thursday, May 23, 2013

Tim Horton's

I was reading some blogs this morning and noticed a common topic; or at least a mention of a common thing. Tim Horton's Iced Caps or iced coffee.
'Tis the season here in Canada, eh?
Reading about them so much has me kinda craving one now. I haven't had an iced cap in years. Basically when I learnt how many calories are in one. I decided they weren't worth the calories. I didn't love them that much. Honestly, I don't even remember how they taste anymore. Now a skinny, non fat, no whip caramel frap from Starbucks; that I can tell you is extremely yummy. It's worth the calories for me. Plus the closest Starbucks to me is in the city, an hour away, at Chapters. If I want one, I have to have the spare time for some train table play time since I always have 2 or more kids with me when I'm in the city. So I don't get Starbucks often.
I do enjoy an iced coffee from Tim Horton's.

 I get it with milk instead of cream. It saves on points that way. It's been a long time I counted the points on one, so I don't remember what it is anymore. I'm going to have to recalculate.
There's a new Tim Horton's right beside my gym. Little crazy; we have three Tim Horton's in our little town now. It's not a big town; one of the smallest I've ever lived in. So small Target leased out their building to Walmart. They don't even want to come to our tiny town. Yet we have three Tim Horton's! Do we really need three?
Anyway; there is one right near my gym. I never bring money with me to the gym. So I haven't even been tempted to stop at Tim's after a workout. But after reading so many posts this morning about Tim's, or mentioning Tim's, I am tempted to swing by after my workout tonight.
Hopefully I'll talk myself out of it. Since it's a soccer night (Monkey #2's very first soccer night. I'm so excited for him. Go Apple Green Team!), I won't be getting to the gym until 8:30 or 9. It'll be late when I start to head home. Too late for a coffee. At least that's what I'm going to tell myself. I have errands to run tomorrow. I think I can wait until then to cave into this craving.

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