Thursday, May 2, 2013

Get Moving

What a beautiful day! It’s the type of day to be outside as much as possible.

The monkeys and I spent almost the whole morning playing in our backyard today. Practicing soccer, bouncing on balls, climbing and sliding and, the most spring like thing we could think of, blowing bubbles.
Now it’s time to refuel these tired kids. Lunch and then nap time for the littles. A little bit of quiet time for the oldest. And some quiet time for me too. Too bad my quiet time is cleaning. I have baskets of laundry to fold and put away, two bathrooms to clean and the breakfast and lunch dishes to wash and dry.
The one nice thing of all the chores I need to do, I get to climb stairs multiple times. My own at home stairmaster! Since I can’t make it to the gym tonight, I’m going to try to get in my workout here at home. Bend, stretch, run up and down stairs, play a lot with the kids. Too bad my bike is still at my dad’s shop. I’d go for a late afternoon bike ride with the kids if it were here at home. Maybe a couple hours at the park will wear us all out before supper.
I’m going to get in my activity today. Hope you do too.

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