Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Morning Changes

"Add coffee filters to the list, please."
"There's some downstairs." He replied.
"Are you sure?:
"Yes." He insisted.
"Okay." I let it go. Coffee filters never made it onto the list. 
Flash forward to Monday evening; I went down to the basement cold room only to discover there weren't any coffee filters there. And the stores were closed for the long weekend. I had no filters to make coffee Tuesday morning! 
I don't consider myself a big coffee drinker. I can go without a morning cup of steamy goodness without a problem. I enjoy the moment more than the coffee. Sitting down at either my kitchen table with my coffee and lap top; ready to slowly sip and surf the web. Or sitting down in my favourite seat in the living room with my kids playing at my feet; sipping and checking out facebook or instagram on my ipod. Either choice of room is comforting to me. It's the perfect way to start out my day.
But I have no filters! What's a girl to do when she's stuck in a routine? I made a tea latte instead. I choose Blueberry Jam tea from DavidsTea. Perfect for the morning; at least I think so. Monkey #2 thinks so too. He was sneaking sips of my tea whenever he thought I wasn't looking. 

I decided not to run out to buy coffee filters. They can wait until Friday night or Saturday morning when we go grocery shopping. They're already on the list. Until then, I'll enjoy a tea latte in the morning. Today I used up the last of my Blueberry Jam tea, but I have a boat load of teas to choose from. 

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