Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I ran in for WI last night, but I didn't stay for the meeting. I wish I could have since I don't have a meeting next week due to Canada Day. But Hubby was at the hospital and I had all three Monkeys in tow. Don't worry, Hubby's okay. It looks like he may have had a panic attack; we're not sure why. We're still working that out.
Anyways, I stayed off the home scale all week and just focused on being as good as possible. We did eat out on Sunday since we went into the city. Hubby and I took the boys to Pita Pit thinking it was a healthier way to go. 

Yesterday, I avoided the bathroom with the scale so I wouldn't be tempted to jump on it. 
I stepped on the scale with my eyes closed; like that would make a difference. Then I heard "way to go! It's like last week didn't even happen." Down the 3lbs I was up plus an extra 0.5lb! Yippee!

I would have done a happy dance, but I was so sore and stiff. It was hard enough carrying around the baby all day. It's days like yesterday I wish he was walking already. Then I remember "last baby" and I'm okay with the fact he's still so dependent on me. 
Yesterday I was in a lot of pain from the gym Sunday. I had really pushed myself and hit some personal bests around the gym. I felt great on Sunday. Very sore and a bit stiff yesterday. I was rubbing muscle cream on myself and taking Motrin all day just so I could move. My whole upper back, shoulders and neck were hurting.
This morning I woke up feeling mostly better. One muscle is still super sore and very stiff this morning. I can't bring my arm up or turn my neck to the left. The rest of my body that was sore yesterday feels normal again today. Has me wondering if I pulled a muscle. I'm currently sitting here with an ice pack resting on my shoulder/neck. Hopefully it helps to ice it a few times today so my run today isn't too bad. At least it isn't my legs. I can run. I just might not feel the best doing so.

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