Saturday, June 1, 2013


Hello anxiety! How are you? I've been better without you looming over me.

Really, it's not so bad. I haven't fallen full on into the grips of anxiety. It is building though. It's looking more and more like Hubby's interview on Monday is more of an there's-our-company-this-what-we're-offering-you-please-take-the-job. They've expressed he's exactly what they're looking for.
I'm feeling pretty proud of him.
Unfortunately, nothing is set in stone yet. We're not even sure if we'll know more about the near future by Monday. Just because he's going in and it looks like they're going to make an offer, doesn't mean they will. Or that he will accept one.
I'm very much a planner. It's driving me crazy that I can't start planning. Although that hasn't completely stopped me. The past two days has had me glued to the laptop, kobo (I have an Arc, it's like a tablet) or the iPod touch searching kijiji and MLS for houses. I've been researching areas, Google Mapping how far places are from the possible office and from the only Anytime Fitness gym. I'm locked into a 12 month contract, but I can go to any Anytime Fitness gym in the world; and I can have my account transferred. I've been looking up schools and preschools. I've been comparing moving companies and u-haul. I've been trying to figure out if a smaller u-haul truck would be good enough since our current 3 bedroom house is on the very tiny size. Everything we own currently used to fit in our 2 bedroom apartment. The only things we've added is a second tv, a futon and bunk beds.
In other words, I'm setting myself up for a great disappointment if this job falls through. I'm letting myself get too excited over it. But, on the positive side, if Hubby takes the job, we're a little ahead of the game since we're going to have to move fast. We're already setting ourselves up for the possibility of him living and working in Ottawa during the week and coming home on weekends until we get everyone moved. There's a very small possibility of him being able to work from home for a few weeks while we pack up and move.
I haven't told my parents about the possible move yet either. That's eating away at me. I want to be here to help them in anyway that I can, but we can't pass this opportunity up.
I feel torn. I keep brushing my teeth so I won't eat out my stress.

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