Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Moving on

Over the past two weeks, we’ve had our few ups and many downs as a family. That’s life.
Today is a new day. The start to a new WW week for me, since yesterday was my WI day. I know some might consider WI day to be the start of their week, but I don’t. Since WI isn’t until 6:30pm, the beginning of the day feels like the last day.
I haven’t lost weight over the last two weeks. That leaves me feeling rotten. I know why I haven’t. I ate poorly. I didn’t get in my gym time or bothered to work out here at home over the last week. And now I pay the price. I’m okay with that. It’s now in the past; I can move forward.
I haven’t been able to fall back asleep since the baby’s 4am feeding. Kitty is on my mind. Instead of lying there, tossing and turning, I got up. I made myself an egg sandwich with red peppers and green onion and lots of hot sauce. I looked up exercise routines. I enjoyed (and still am enjoying) some coffee with cinnamon. I looked up kittens and puppies for sale. I listened to my boys all snore over baby monitors. I pre-planned and tracked my meals for the day. I made a mental note not to touch the peanut butter and chocolate ice cream in the freezer. I had some yesterday; I’m not allowed today. If I really want peanut butter, I can have a limited amount with celery. If I really want chocolate, I can have it in tea form.
With not quite 5 hours of sleep under my belt, I’m sure I’ll be taking advantage of nap time today. Monkey #1 doesn’t have school today, so I’ll be cat napping on the couch while he watches a movie or something on Netflix I’m sure.
I got my Studio Calico kits the other day. It's always a happy day with Mr UPS Guy drops off my box of goodies. It made me realize I haven't really done much with the past couple of kits I've gotten. Lack of time. So I sat down and made this layout in 10 minutes:
 Fun x 3; the title is about the toy Monkey #3 is playing with. The box of shapes. I bought it for $9 when Monkey #1 was 9 months old. All three of my boys have loved playing with those shapes. Best $9 spent!

And lookie at how the Project Life kit was packaged!
So cute! At least, I think so . Nice and neat and fits into my project life supply box nicely. 

Tonight I hit the gym for some much needed strength training. And maybe a 20-30 minute run if I have the time.

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