Monday, June 3, 2013

Stress eating

I caved to the pressure of being stressed out.

 Chips and pop called my name and I answered. I didn't eat a whole bag of chips; but I ate way more than I should have. And pop; we haven't had pop in the house since Christmas! And now there's an almost empty 2L bottle in my fridge.
Hubby will not be impressed when he gets home. He won't be ticked off. He's not like that. But I might get a small lecture with good intent behind it.
Being alone to parent the monkeys for a few days was tough. It didn't help that Monkey #3 is teething and sick. Monkey #2 is getting sick. Monkey #1 is going through a rebellious faze. And, I myself, on top of being tired from 5 hours of broken up sleep, am getting sick myself. How do single parents do this? Kudos to all single parents out there! 
The stress of being the only adult in the house, the stress of Hubby's interview, the stress of a possible move, the stress of everything regarding my parents, the stress of the cat getting seriously sick (unsure if he'll recover or if we'll have to put him down) and so on and so on...
Hello stress eating! The day before weigh-in too. If I must stress eat, I must remember to do it on Tuesday so I have the rest of the week to work away at those extra calories I ate. 
Typing that out and reading it to myself shows me how self destructive I can be. I shouldn't have that mentality. That I can pig out on a certain day because I can go to the gym the rest of the week.
What I need to work on is finding more productive ways to handle stress. Or emotions in general. It's something to personal work on throughout this week since we're still up in the air about a move. The company likes Hubby. Hubby thinks he likes them too. Now it's all about negotiating. 

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