Tuesday, June 18, 2013

So Disappointed

Oh my gosh!
3 pounds! I am up...3 POUNDS! In one week. How the heck did I manage that? I went to the gym. I didn't eat that badly. At least, I didn't think I did. Guess I need to go back and study my tracker to see where I went wrong.
I had booze this past weekend. Something I hardly ever have. Could that be part of the issue. I had more pop than I have in over 2 months over the course of the weekend too. Could that be part of the issue? We went to Swiss Chalet, but I made good choices there. Could it have been a combination of a bunch of little things I didn't think much of (those three I just listed included) at the time over the course of the week?
It was a hard week with the passing of our kitty. Could everything have piled up on me?
Well, it's time to turn this pity party around. It's a new week. It's time for new goals and a new zest for the life I'm trying to building for myself.
This week, I will not sit around googling adoptable cats and dogs for hours on end. I will not text Hubby a million times a day with with pictures of cats and dogs who need a loving home. I will not spend the majority of my time in the kitchen so I graze. I will not curl up with my kobo and zone out.
This week I will push myself at the gym. I will run harder, faster. I will lift longer and heavier. I will make good food choices to fuel my body the way it should be. I will get up and play with my children. I will host random dance parties in the living room with them.
I will be better because I want to be.

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