Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Prepping

Since Monkey #1 is old enough to voice his opinions, I let him lead in our Father's Day planning. He decided he wanted to have a picnic, play mini golf and go to Swiss Chalet for dinner.
Now my job comes into play to make it happen and to fill in the blanks. 
We've decided to do our Father's Day tomorrow since there's a chance of rain on Sunday. So, we're leaving bright and early tomorrow morning so Hubby can get in his CrossFit. Next we're going to a park which has a petting zoo. We're going to check out the animals and then have a picnic lunch by the water. I've been prepping the picnic goodies today for tomorrow. Wraps, a chickpea salad, lots of raw veggies and hummus, pre-cut fruits, cheese, crackers and lots of water. We're going to go run off as much lunch as possible at the splash pad at the park. Then we're going to go play mini golf. We played mini golf last year on Father's Day too. I think I smell a tradition in the making here. After the game, if no one is on the verge of meltdowns from a busy day, we're going to go have dinner at Swiss Chalet. If not, we'll stop at Hubby's choice for some take out food to bring home. Tired tears of little ones are easier to deal with at home. And it's less embarrassing too! 
I was hoping to talk my boy into agreeing to take Hubby on a hike for Father's Day, but I wasn't successful. Maybe next year if he isn't so dead set on mini golf again.

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