Friday, June 21, 2013

Furballs and Sugar

Well, my baby, at seven months, is no longer the youngest in the house. Yesterday, the monkeys and I brought home 2 two month old kittens. We went to go see one cat, but she was already adopted. Then the pile of kittens caught our eyes. I asked if we could see them out on the floor. Two took to my monkeys right away. It didn't even take me a second to answer yes when Monkey #1 asked if we could take them home.
So Phoenix and Oreo (original, eh? Ha!) have found their forever home with us. Filling our home with pet love once more.

(Phoenix & Oreo)

We live a good hour away from the rescue we got the kittens from. Being out and about for most of the afternoon with all three kids is taxing on making healthy choices. At least it is for me. I'm plagued with the kids begging for junk food all afternoon long. Monkey #2 for the most part is happy with the raisins or fruit and water or juice boxes I normally bring along. He gets going when Monkey #1 does. At home, Monkey #1 is fine with the healthier treats. When he's out and about, he wants nothing to do with them. He's a sucker for advertising. He wants the candy, the chocolate bars, the cookies, the cakes, the sugary drinks and so on. Yesterday, he got shot down left, right and center for every sugary treat he asked for. If I say no to him, I won't buy for myself. I see it as a win win situation, but I'm sure he doesn't.
When he least expected it, I pulled into Tim's drive-thru. The boys were treated to small frozen lemonades.They were more than happy with their drinks and I tried not to feel so bad giving them something so sugary.

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