Friday, June 7, 2013

Plugging on

The fog of this cold is finally starting to lift. I spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday in a foggy haze. I had no desire to do anything. I don’t think I had the energy to do anything even if I wanted to. Poor Hubby was picking up the slack big time around here. He’d work all day long to come home and clean, take care of the monkeys and take care of me. He’s an awesome guy; I’m very lucky. Thanks to him, my house isn’t a wreck.
I haven’t been to the gym since Sunday. I’m feeling so icky. I’m going tonight for sure. I still can’t breathe out of my nose and I still have a nasty cough, but I need to go. I actually miss going. I haven’t been as happy this week. Okay, yeah, I was (am) sick; who’s going to be happy when feeling like dirt, right? Still; getting your sweat on has been proven to make people happier. When I was happy being inactive I couldn’t imagine anyone truly loving an active life style. I couldn’t wrap my head around why anyone would want to sweat. I felt sorry for those active people; they missed out on a lot of tv.
I can’t believe I used to think like that. Never would I have thought I would be one of those people who likes to sweat. Okay, confession, which I think I have confessed before too, I hate sweating. I hate the feel of sweat. I prefer to be dry. But I’m willing to sweat now. And that I don’t mind at all. I like knowing when I feel gross and icky from sweat, I can shower that ick off and I’m left feeling awesome from a great run. Or that feeling of empowerment that comes from beating a personal record with the weights. I look forward to those feelings now. I’m craving that right now. I don’t care if I run at a snail’s pace tonight. I just want to go.

Oh, and the official no has been given to Ottawa. They offer Hubby the job; they really liked him. They just weren’t willing to pay for him. They low balled him for money. He countered back, asking for $2 an hour more. They refused. So, as upset over it as we were, he turned them down. We’re not going to uproot our family if we can’t even keep up with our current lifestyle. It’s not worth it. It’s a shame. We were so excited (and stressed) about that potential move. 

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