Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Too-Much-Candy Day

It's that time of the year again.
Some think it's a time for dressing up.
Other's think it's a time for piging out on candy.
I used to be the latter.

I was never a huge fan of dressing up. I went through stages when it was fun, but I wasn't big time into it. Monkey seems to be following in my foot steps. He won't wear anything that requires a mask, hat or makeup. He was a shunk for his first two years because Mommy made him (I love it when they're too young to say no). Then he was a Wiggle (because we went to their concert and he decided he had to be just like Sam Wiggle). This year, he's train tracks. And since there are no train track costumes out there, I had to make it. I'm a crafty person. I figured it would be easy to make.
Yeah, I'm a lot better with paper and glue than I am with fabric.
He looks like he's trying to be a poorly constructed ladder.
But he loves it!
I think he's still too young, at four-years-old, to realize how crappy it is. He'll look back at the pictures someday and say "really, Mom?"
Muffin is still at that too young to say no age. Last year he was a pea pod; costume hand picked by big brother. This year he's a shunk. I'm getting my money's worth out of that Old Navy costume I bought on sale in 2008! Monkey was a big baby (always in the 98th percentile. He's always been tall for his age); so when he was 7 months old for his first Halloween, he wore a 18-24 month costume. It was a little big on him, but still super cute. I then squished him into the same costume the following year. It barely fit, but I made it work. Muffin, at 13 months, is a little small in the costume. He's a tiny one. I don't think the costume will fit him next year, so he wears it today. It fits well enough, and he'll have layers under it.

I'll be missing my meeting tonight. They are opening up earlier for weigh-in only, but I won't make it. Hubby's car is in the shop; he has my van. I could walk to weigh-in with the boys, but that means walking on the highway.
I weighed myself here at home this morning. No change. I wasn't expecting one this week. I ate horribly from Thursday on.
Today starts a new day; a new week.
My challenge this week: To stay out of Monkey's candy stash!

And on one last note...Happy Too-Much-Candy Day from my Boo Crew to your's!

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