Tuesday, October 11, 2011


So yesterday is weigh-in day for me. I feared stepping on that scale. Although I was very good for Thanksgiving, I was still way too nervous.
So I stepped on the scale today.
No change.
Hmm...What did I do wrong? I exercised. I ate well. And nothing. Hmm...Will have to look over everything to see what happened and how I can change it.
Can I blame yesterday?
Yesterday was a total bust. I ate well, but I got no exercise in. I wore my pedometer, like always. I walked a total of 2869 steps, 1.26 miles. How sad is that? My back was hurting; I decided to take it easy to heal up. And I learnt that I can no longer be a couch potato. I was bored out of my mind! I remember lazy three day weekends of my past where I would lay on the couch almost all day, every day, eating. No wonder my weight got so high!
Today, I just couldn't sit still any longer. I bundled the kids (mine and the one I take care of during the day) up and went out for a walk. We walked 2.4 miles. I like aiming for a min of 3 miles. My back  was killing me by the end of our walk today. I popped a couple of Tylenol Back Pain pills and am relaxing with Monkey while the littles nap.

Let's look at yesterday's food.

Day's Over View
Breakfast: One slice rye bread, 1tsp cinnamon spread and 1 1/2 mugs of coffee (6pts)
Lunch: Leftover mashed sweet potatoes and chicken (5pts)
Dinner: Hard boiled eggs, breakfast potatoes, breakfast sausages, back bacon, coffee (16 pts!)
Snack: pumpkin brownie, apple, banana (3pts)

Dinner was high in points, but I planned it out ahead of time. I knew how much I was going to eat and knew how many points I was going to have. I ended the day with 2 points to spare.

No exercise to record today.


Anonymous said...

did you weigh and measure your food? I find I am starting to slack in this area! Great blog

Jen said...

I weigh and measure all my food. I find it helps me a lot.